A Little Biz Quiz

A little Biz Quiz

07 Feb 2006

1) If Anthony Jesudasan is the publisher, Meeta Bhatti is the Associate
editor and Trina Mukherjee is the Assistant Editor, who is the editor?
Ans: Tina Ambani. The magazine is Harmony, which is a Dhirubhai Ambani
Memorial Trust Initiative.

2) ‘The Spirit of New India’ is the advertising campaign of which company?
Ans: Jet Airways. Baseline: The Joy of Flying

3) The Daewoo Kalos is being released in India as which car?
Ans: Aveo from General Motors

4) In 1984, 11 computer scientists in Beijing created a company to bring the
advantages of information technology to the Chinese people. The researchers
set up shop in a loaned space – a small, one-story bungalow in Beijing. In
2003, the company they founded changed its brand name to ________ taking a
part of its previous name and adding the Latin word for “new,” to reflect
the spirit of innovation at the core of the company. Identify the company
Ans: Lenovo

5) What was patented by Hippolyte Mege Mouries in 1869, after he was
commissioned by the Victualing Department of the French Navy to find an
alternative for butter at a time of acute butter shortage?
Ans: Margarine

6) According to the Dilbert strip, this invention has freed more employees
from work than any other. Prior to this, people answered the phone
personally and found themselves doing more work because of it. Which
Ans: Voice Mail

7) Making a foray into the food market, which Rs 750 crore company has
appointed O&M as the creative agency to handle its Chikkers brand of
chikkis, a jaggery and peanut toffee. This foray is a complete
diversification from its core products.
Ans: Pidilite Industries, more famous for Fevicol, Easytear tape and M-Seal
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