IIM-B Bizarre- The Business Quiz


IIM-B Bizarre Business Quiz

Part of IIM-B VISTA-05

30 October 2005

Quizmaster: Derek O Brein


After a painstakingly long 28 km drive back home, I decided to write a review for the IIM-B Business quiz which was undoubtedly the mega event of the fest Vista.

With over 370 teams participating in the 30 question prelims, only six got onto stage.

The forum had brought together the who’s who of quizzing in South India. Besides seasoned quizzers, the quiz also drew strong support from the outstation colleges that had come down to Bangalore to attend Vista.

After the thirty-minute prelims, the organizers took two hours to announce the results (quite understandable with 370 teams)

As tradition, the six finalists were called up on the basis of their team names (A B C etc)

The finalists were:

I could catch only few names of the finalists and as it would not be right to just name a few, I have decided to name only the companies (college) represented.

Table 1: Team DNA

IBM+ FACT+ Goldman Sachs

Table 2: Holy Trinity- The FMS Team

All the three were from FMS, Delhi

IIMB Bizarre- Holy Trinity in action

Table 3: MIB 2 (Madrasis in Bangalore)

Javagreen+ Sanmar+ Sify

Table 4: Mavericks

Softgen+ Honeywell+ Modelytics

Table 5: Metaquizzicks

Sun+ WYSE Technologies+ HCL (Chennai)

Table 6: Three Scales

Wipro+ Kotak+ JM Morgan Stanley


The quiz was initially played on Infinite Bounds. There were 24 questions in this round.

This was followed 8 questions on the buzzer. The last two teams at this stage left the stage leaving behind the top four.

The points in the first stage were carried over to the later stages as well.

The second stage consisted of 12 questions again played on infinite bounds.

This round again screened the third and fourth places leaving behind the top two teams with 75 points each.

The last round had eight questions on the buzzer with the winner being decided on the last question.

The Metaquizziks team seesawed in the last round before winning it on the last question thanks to MDH Masala.

Derek was a wonderful host and kept the crowd alive with his wit and exuberance.

A satisfying experience at the end even though my team was five points too far from qualifying (Highest: 24 and cut off: 21)

The final result:

1. Metaquizziks

2. MIB 2

3. FMS, Delhi

3. Three Scale

5. DNA

6. Mavericks

(Third place was shared)

That’s all from my reporting desk.



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  • Jayakumar  On June 8, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    Pl mail the Q & A . Thx

  • S S PANDA  On May 14, 2011 at 9:30 AM

    Pl.mail the Q & A if possible.

  • Rahul  On April 11, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    plz mail d questions n answers (if possible)
    of dis quiz held at IIM-B.
    Thnks a lot.

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