Inquest- The Business Quiz

Inquest Business Quiz

04 December 2005

Christ College, Bangalore

Quizmaster: Raj Dam (Niche Minds)

HDFC, Sasken, City Online, Wipro, Javagreen, WYSE Technologies, SUN Microsystems, Kotak and HCL.

No, I’m not mentioning the companies participating in the South India Technology Summit but instead listing the varied grounds from which the finalists of INQUEST- The Corporate Business Quiz (conducted at Christ College, Bangalore) hailed from.

After an extremely good and high scoring prelim, the six finalists had to face five grueling rounds from an exuberant and extremely brilliant quizmaster.

Apart from brilliant research, the quiz was executed beautifully.

The rounds were: Pot Pourri, Vini Vidi Vici, Sonata, Reach the Tenor and Adagio.

The quiz conducted by Niche Minds was hosted by Raj Dam and had Akshay (co-founder, Niche Minds) handling the technical aspect of the quiz.

At the end of the day, a brilliant show, both from the quizmaster and the participants.

The final Results were as follows:

1) Prasad S (Kotak) and Aravind (HCL)

2) Amit (Wipro) and Gunaseelan (Javagreen)

3) Ajay K (WYSE Tech) and Mitesh A (SUN Microsystems)

4) Arjun B (City Online) and Venkatesh (Sasken)

5) Anirban and Aparna (both from Sasken)

6) Raghu and Rahul (both from HDFC)

Congratulations winners!!!

The quiz was fabulously researched and presented..

That’s all from me,

Adieu Masculine

Till next time



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