Rural IT Quiz 2005- Review

Rural IT Quiz

27 October 2005

Bangalore Palace, Palace Ground, Bangalore

Part of Bangalore 2005

Quizmaster: Giri ‘PickBrain’ Balasubramaniam


Mother Nature was not very kind to us Bangaloreans, as she expressed her wrath with overcast skies and heavy downpour, but this did not subdue the enthusiasm at the Rural IT Quiz held at the Bangalore Palace yesterday.

While the quiz was graced by the IT and BT secretary of Karnataka and the who’s who of the Tata Group, there were over a thousand expectant spectators.

The six finalists (from a total of 65000 entrants across the state), who had already cleared four rounds of hardcore IT quizzing in the zonal rounds seemed all set for the State final.

The finalists had already won Rs 15,000 in cash, a Casio scientific calculator and other prizes (all courtesy TCS)

The stage was set and the time had come to announce the stakes.

As custom, the Tata Group decided to award all of them a cordless phone for coming this far.

And the stakes: (besides the Rs 15,000 already won)

2nd Runner Up: Rs 20,000

1st Runner Up: Rs 35,000

Winner: Rs 60,000

Then came the time to announce the six finalists

In random order, the finalists were:

Table 1: Government PU College, Karwar

The college was represented by Sumeet Naik and Vignesh Poojar.

This team came from, quite literally, Rural Karnataka. After beating the two time State champions, Little Rock, Udupi, it seemed like they deserved to be seated on table 1.

Table 2: Sarvodaya PU College, Tumkur

The team comprised of Mahesh Kumar and Naveed Abrar.

These two boys had earlier (in class 10) qualified for the zonal rounds independently and they ended up in the same college for their +2 and their teaming up definitely paid off as they reached their first ever State final.

Table 3: BVVS Polytechnic, Jamkhandi

The team comprised of Santosh and Nikhil G.

Coming from a district as remote as Jamkhandi in itself is a great achievement and to add to that they actually reached the State final.

Table 4: Carmel Convent, Mandya

The team comprised of Kriti Y C and Sneha V.

They were the youngest team to ever reach the state finals. Both the girls were in standard 8. And let me tell you they have four years of quizzing to go and I guarantee you that their names will be seen in these columns quite often (especially after I announce the final results)

Table 5: Nutana PU College, Davangere

The team comprised of Anil Kumar and Sridhar.

They were the wounded tigers of the quiz. After entering the finals of the zonal rounds for four continuous years, it was only in their last year that they were able to enter the State final.

Table 6: V B Darbar High School, Bijapur

The team comprised of Bharat and Gururaj Patil.

Both the boys were tenth standard students and extremely calm, composed and collected.

The audience was packed with not only expectant parents but also students with varied backgrounds. There were students from UVCE, Jain College ,PESIT and many more..

There was this young gentleman, a teacher in Bijapur, who had come all the way to watch the quiz even though his school had not qualified for the final. Now, that calls for a big thumbs up. Cheers, professor!!

The quiz was beautifully conducted by our renowned Giri Pickbrain Balasubramanian with his supreme wit and exuberance.

Consisting of five rounds, the quiz was as informative and elegant as it could be.

And for the winners

A close finish

One team was on 55 and the other on 60, with one question to go and it turned out that a third team pressed the buzzer.

TCS Rural IT Quiz Winners- V B Darbar High School, Bijapur

The results:

#1-VB Darbar High School, Bijapur

#2-Government PU College, Karwar

#3-Carmel Convent, Mandya

If you had been part of the event, you would have definitely gone home with the same feeling each one of us present there had- ‘there was no single winner, each one of them was a true winner’

A candid conversation with Giri revealed facts which touched my heart-

For obvious reasons, I am not disclosing any names.

1. One of the finalists was the son of a bus conductor.

2. The father of one of the finalists barged into the zonal finals and started blasting his son. The reason: The son did not water the field as he had come to attend the zonal finals. Yes, the father was, or should I say, is a farmer.

3. Most of the finalists complained to Giri that they could not read the questions fast enough to press the buzzer as the questions were all in English.

4. The quiz was conducted in Kannada at its early stages.

Now, I hope you all agree why each one of them was a true winner. They braved every obstacle and reached a stage which very few (of us), even with all our luxuries, can reach.

Giri actually did the entire quiz in Kannada in the first three rounds.

Great work, Giri

Three Cheers and Keep it Up.

We hope to see a lot of you in the near future,Giri

Quiz Covered for : TEAM QUIZKRIEG

Till next Time!!

Adieu Masculine


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    hey Rohit I request you to please provide me the details about how to participate in the RURAL IT QUIZ…plz provide me on

  • Vigneshwar  On July 6, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    Hey rohith it is Vigneshwar poojar and not vignesh poojar .:)

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