TAPMI Quiz on the Beach

TAPMI Quiz on The Beach

Kaup Beach

05 December 2005

Quizmaster: Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanaim


As the waves splashed on the shores and the sweet smell of the sand filled amongst the 500 odd people present at the venue, the Kaup Beach buzzed with excitement, enthusiasm and obviously curiosity.

TAPMI’s Quiz on the Beach usually touted as the Season opener of Pickbrain’s annual schedule definitely had small variations from the last quizzing season.

Giri, who was in an extremely casual dress (Kurta and Jeans), was at his exuberant best. This, after a long journey from right across the Arabian Sea (Oman) where he had been busy the last fortnight conducting a series of quizzes.

The quiz was open not only to B-Schools but mixed corporate teams as well. Unfortunately, there was only one engineering team represented by yours truly…

The sun dipped, the ambience lightened and the prelims was under way.

After a series of requests and comments from various parts of the quizzing community (blogs and groups) last season, Giri resorted to the old tradition of a 25 question prelims.

With a mixture of current affairs, lateral thinking and basic business terminology, the prelims was a collection of great questions.

After a very short evaluation break, Giri was back with the six finalists whose company profiles seemed to reflect the forum more as a NASDAQ listing rather than a quiz final.

The finalists, well, need no introduction to any of us:

Team 1:

Gunasheelan + Vishwajeeth

Javagreen+ Sify

Team 2: Buddha Smiles

Aravind R + Prasad Shetty

HCL+ Kotak

Team 3: One Night Stand

Raj Dham + Amit

Enventure Tech +Wipro

Team 4:

Sudhir + Rahul

Ernst & Young

Team 5: Cipher Consulting

Ajay K+ Mitesh A

WYSE Tech + Sun Microsystems

Team 6:

Shridhar + Sahil


After 6 grueling round (one of which was a brand new jumble round), the result at TAPMI QOTB seemed to be jinxed. For a second year in a row, the winners were to be decided on a tiebreak.

The tiebreak questions:

1) Who replaced Susan Buffet on the board of Berkshire Hathway after her death?

2) Who is the author of ‘India’s export trends and prospects for India’s growth’, which was highly appreciated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

3) What does RS stand for in Skoda RS?

Team 1 scored one out of these three questions, but in the end it was Cipher Consulting comprising Ajay Kasaragod (a TAPMI alumnus) and Mitesh Aggarwal, which stole the show with a terrific Rally Sport answer.

Final Standings:

1) Ajay K+ Mitesh A

WYSE Tech + Sun Microsystems

2) Gunasheelan + Vishwajeeth

Javagreen+ Sify

3) Aravind R + Prasad Shetty

HCL+ Kotak

4) Raj Dham + Amit

Enventure Tech +Wipro

5) Sudhir + Rahul

Ernst & Young

6) Shridhar + Sahil

Although there were some allegations of copying and teamwork, the top four places were justified by their superb show on the stage.

And as for Pickbrain, great work Giri. He seems to be the only one, who gets the entertainment and knowledge factor in a quiz absolutely spot on.

To conclude, it was an absolutely fabulous show and was really worth my driving down from Bangalore and missing the finals on a tiebreak.


That’s all from me.

Adieu Maculine



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