Vinyaas 2006

Vinyaas 2006- The Business Quiz

Vijaya College

Quizmaster: Avinash Mudaliar

Before I review the event, I would firstly like to congratulate Vijaya College and Avinash Mudaliar for simply identifying the fact that engineering students can also quiz on Business related topics. Unlike other college Business quizzes, Vinyaas 2006 was open to all undergraduate students (BBM, B.Com and B.E). This in itself is a great step to better quizzing.

Regarding the quiz, it was an absolutely wonderful event spiced up with the wit and humor of none other than leading quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar.

The grueling prelims saw to the fact that the weak-minded booked their place in the jam-packed audience.

A pack of 25 prelim questions were a great mixture of current affairs and workable trivia.

My favorite question from the prelim:

‘The assassination of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam and his two sons in Peshawar with a landmine allowed this man to take over the Sheikh’s empire. Who is the man? ‘

The last place I thought I’d be hearing this guy’s name was a Business Quiz but the answer turned out to be hero ‘Osama Bin Laden’

The final was a gracious mixture of good, brilliant and mind-blowing questions.

The questions were undoubtedly extremely well researched unlike other QM’s who tend to twist quiz group questions and proclaim it their copyright question just because they added a picture to he original question!!!

The most fantastic question was a CNN/Reuters video showing happenings in the Parliament ending in an MP throwing a slipper at the opposition member. This incident supposedly inspired an ad campaign. The question was to identify the advertiser and the adline.. This was actually an ESPN ad, which said ‘There are still some sports we do not cover’. This was such a wonderful question that the quizmaster not only got a standing ovation from the audience but also a huge round of applause from all the six finalists.

Questions were as I said extremely well researched and on a variety of topics.

In all, a great experience…

Cheers to Avinash for a great quiz..

The quiz was pretty much run over by the team from St Joseph’s B.Com but were given a run for their money by Centre for Management Studies in the last two rounds.

The final standings

#1-St. Joseph’s B.Com

#2-Centre for Management Studies


That’s all from me now..

Until another quiz in Bangalore..

Adieu Masculine

Rohit Nair

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