Bizzap 2006

A Business Quiz part of Esperanto-2006

Jyoti Auditorium, Central College

Quizmaster: Avinash Mudaliar

Quizzically Zapped That was exactly the condition of both, the participants and the audience who witnessed yet another wonderful Business Quiz by Avinash Mudaliar.

As the Academic year draws to an end, Bizzap seemed to be the perfect way to end yet another Quizzing season in Bangalore.

Held as part of the Canara Bank School of Management Studies National Level B-School Fest- Esperanto 2006; Bizzap was undoubtedly the mega event and the crowd puller of the 2 day fest.

After a 25-question prelim held the previous day, six teams made it to the finals.

The colleges that qualified were (in random seating order)

Govt RC College



ICFAI Business School


The quiz was complete with questions from all spheres of Business Quizzing and to add to the content was the élan of the quizmaster conducing it.

ICFAI Business School went home clear winners at the end of 5 rounds with XIME following (65 points). CMRIMS (all girls team) came a distant third with 30 points.

And as for the other teams, it seemed like it was the first time they had quizzed at this level!

That’s all from me.



Some Questions: (All from memory- Any errors to be overlooked and forgiven)

1) After WW-I, the Tatas realized the low profit margins in the cement making industry. What did they do and what did it result in?

2) Cellulose acetate was dropped in favor of ABS in 1963. Which company is the largest consumer of Cellulose Acetate?

3) Pula is the currency of Botswana; this currency is named after the most precious item/commodity in its regional dialect. What is the commodity?

4) Connect the movies Black, Dev and Lord of the Rings to an Indian Business entity.

All questions mentioned above were detailed and included Audios and Visuals.

Most of the quiz was (for that matter) full of Audios and Videos and very audience friendly.

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