Yet Another Little Biz Quiz

1) This newspaper started in 1888 as a four page weekly published every Saturday and became a daily only 40 years later. Identify.

Ans: Malayala Manorama.

2) If you sent a message to 6388, whom would you be messaging? (Pretty workable)

Ans: NDTV, which is 6388 on the cell phone keypad.

3) Which company was started in 1802 near Wilmington, Delaware by a French immigrant to produce black powder to be used as blasting and gunpowder?

Ans: DuPont (‘The Miracles of Science”: their tagline/baseline)

4) Who says ‘Quality in everything we do’?

Ans: Ernst & Young

5) With which bank would you associate Venkatesh Prasad and Vimal Kumar?

Ans: Canara Bank, they are the brand ambassadors.

6) Which famous company’s history dates back to 1982 when two Xerox PARC employees were developing a page description language called InterPress, which Xerox was reluctant to commercialize?

Ans: Adobe, the employees were John Warnock and Charles Geschke. Bruce Chizen presently heads adobe.

7) What landmark was developed in partnership with Thomas Heatherwick, one of UK’s leading design studios and is situated on the ground floor of the Company’s headquarters in London’s Docklands.

Ans: The HSBC History Wall.

The wall is situated on the ground floor of HSBC’s head office and can be seen by customers and visitors to the building during normal office hours.

It demonstrates HSBC’s rich and fascinating pedigree, by bringing together nearly 4,000 images from the Group’s past.

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