Chanakya- The Business Quiz

Chanakya- The Business Quiz

Venue: St Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore

Date: 30 September 2006

Quizmaster: Mitesh Agarwal, KQA

Content Content and more Content!

The Easiest way to describe the 5 hours of Quizzing at Chanakya- The Business Quiz @ St Josephs, Bangalore.

The quiz reminded me of the good old days of KQA quizzing (not that I’ve been a prolific KQA quizzer myself) where everything was passion and the greed for money was more than absent…

At Chanakya, content took center-stage; there were no ads, no flashy technology- just hardcore quizzing!

The format of the quiz was also different and definitely brilliant!

A common prelim for both the corporates and college students, (Mixed corporates allowed but students had to be from the same college) would select the top 6 corporates for the Mega Finals directly and would shortlist 6 college teams who would battle it out in a Mini Final from which the top 2 teams would proceed to slog it with the corporates in the Mega Final.

The six College teams that were short listed for the Mini final were CMS, SBMJC (2), Sri Kumarans (I think they were PU Students), Icfai Business School (Prelim toppers), Vijaya College and UVCE.

After an hour of Quizzing (with some very good questions) UVCE and Vijaya College topped the Mini final and made it to the Mega Final.

The Six Corporate finalists were all the Badhshahs of Business Quizzing in Bangalore; the teams were as follows:

1) Prasad Shetty (Kotak)+ Ajay Kasargod (WYSE)

2) Ramesh Babu (hp) + Sethu (IBM)

3) Avinash Mudaliar and Gopal Srinivasan (3xUS media Solutions)

4) Arul Mani and Mr Vijaykumar (Need no intro in Bang quizzing)

5) Vivek (LB or GS) and Naveen (BEQ Winner)

6) Venky (Sasken) and Arjun(Lowe)

The Quiz was a loooooooooooong one with around 64 questions (excluding a 21 clue connect question), but definitely a quiz worth every minute you spent.

The quiz had a low share of Current affairs and even those questions which were relative current affairs were framed wonderfully.

Prasad Shetty and Ajay Kasargod, finally won the Quiz(on the last question) closely followed by Arul Mani and team.

I personally enjooooooooyed the Quiz and hope to see the KQA do many more biz quizzes.

To conclude, I’d like to congratulate Josephs on keeping the quiz open and fair in every possible way… They even shared the registration fee amount amongst all the teams on stage, underlying the fact that they can definitely have a larger heart than many larger organizations/institutions, who restrict all their cash inflow to the winners and their own pockets!

Thats all from Me,

Till next time!

Adieu Maculine


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