Phase Shift- 2006

Phase Shift 2006- The General Quiz @ MSRIT, Bangalore

11 October 2006

QM: Avinash Mudaliar

Phase Shift 2006 turned out to be one of the biggest General Quizzes in the campus circuit in Bangalore.

With around 95 teams registering for the prelims, (as far as my knowledge, the largest turnout for any college general quiz in Bangalore) the path to the finals was definitely a difficult one!

As the quiz was open to all streams of education, it was one of the few occasions where the post graduates and under graduates battled it for Quizzing supremacy.

After a preliminary round of 25 questions, the top 6 teams were ready to face one of the toughest general quizzes ever!

Making it to the final were 2 teams from RVCE and a team each from UVCE, BMSCE, IIM-B and the host college- MSRIT.

The quiz definitely set new standards of General Quizzing and bid goodbye to the age-old Engineering Circuit ‘Tradition’ of repeating Archive questions.

The extremely audience-friendly, Audio-Visual and well researched quiz kept both the finalists and the jam-packed auditorium mind-blown (with fundaes) and entertained.

The quiz had a good mix of Business, Science & Technology, Entertainment and Literary topics but dint touch too much on Sports.

The quiz was convincingly won by BMSCE, followed by UVCE and IIM-B respectively.

A great experience- all in all!!

That’s all from me

Till next time!!

Adieu Masculine


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