Rural IT Quiz 2006

Rural IT Quiz
29 October 2006
Bangalore Palace, Palace Ground, Bangalore
Part of Bangalore 2006
Quizmaster: Giri ‘PickBrain’ Balasubramaniam

Bangalore is the IT Capital of the country and Bangalore IT. in is definitely the landmark yearly extravaganza at India’s Silicon Valley & The Rural IT Quiz seems to be the biggest crowd puller year after year.

The reason I make it a point to be present at this Quiz is not just because its yet another big quiz, but I (now) realize that I have an emotional bonding to this quiz.

Year after year, I see young children come from places as distant (wont use the word rural, at least not after I witnessed them performing) as Tumkur, Karwar, Shimoga etc and rock the Bangalore Palace with the most amazing answers!!

Let me put it this way- how many of us know that Mcorp Global holds the maximum stake in Spice Telecom and that The Founder’s Touch was a book on the Life of Paul Galvin??

Well, these students from Rural Karnataka definitely knew all these and much more.

As the clock struck 4:30, the Palace Grounds seemed deserted as every individual headed to the spacious Bangalore Palace (Audience size around 1500) to witness 12 students battle for Karnataka Quizzing’s biggest glory!

The stakes are undoubtedly high, but seem miniscule when weighed against the difficulties overcome by the students to reach this stage.

Some Stats:

Total participation this year: 9,55,000 Students (yes, Nine Lakh Fifty Five thousand)

Regional Round Prizes:

I Prize: Rs 15,000

II Prize: Rs 7,500

III Prize: Rs 4000

And all teams on stage get Rs 2000 each

After clearing three stages of Quizzing (including a complete Regional Final), the six finalists for the State finals were:

1) VB Durbar PU College, Bijapur (All girls team)

2) Forbes Academy, Belgaum (Tenth standard Boys)

3) Sarvodya PU College, Tumkur

4) Little Rock School, Udupi

5) Pragathi Composite School, Shimoga

6) St Josephs PU College, Hassan

Six rounds of Quizzing included:

1) WorkStation- The dry Questions Round

2) Cryptic IT- Crossword Round

3) Domain Expertise- Selection of Topics

4) Download IT- Team Specific 3 clue question round

5) Beyond the Obvious- Well known Pickbrain Round

6) Instant Processing- Speed Round


Winning the quiz hands down and in style (with super answers) were St Joseph’s PU College, Hassan followed by Little Rock, Udupi


Prize Money: (excluding other goodies common to all finalists)

I Prize: Rs 80,000

II Prize: Rs 50,000

III Prize- Rs 35,000

Final Standing:

1) St Joseph’s PU College, Hassan

2) Little Rock School, Udupi

3) Forbes Academy- Belgaum


Year after Year, I get emotional after the Quiz and this year was no exception

Watching these children perform so wonderfully, I look back at each one of our lives.

Competition might be tough but the luxuries are over flowing as well!


Hats off to each one of those students who not only got on stage but also to those who have participated.


Lat year’s review:

Last year’s Questions:


That’s all from me!


Till Next time!

Adieu Masculine




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  • Rohit  On November 2, 2006 at 7:00 PM

    Thanks a lot Meenu..
    Its appreciation like yours that keeps me going!

    Thanks Again!!


  • meenu  On November 2, 2006 at 11:05 AM

    Wow… nice post .. and a nice number i mean the participants .. grt that those children are really talented .. nice way of informing about the quizzing world .. i read your posts always they are good .. nice reports on quizzing and good way of sharing knowledge

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