Landmark Quiz- 2006

Landmark Quiz 2006
01 November 2006
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
QM: Derek O Brein

Yes, the Landmark Quiz is big…. It was, yet again…

I don’t like criticizing Quizmasters in public, but honestly this guy(Derek) is bad!!

Forget the insanely dumb level of questions but the least he can do is respect the people who have come to participate and not pass comments like- ‘And here we have a 48 year old man making an Ass of himself in front of so many people’- For heaven’s sake….


Landmark Management- Are you Listening????

Get Rid of this guy or you might have no participation at all (or maybe you’ll just have the Chennai team flocking immaterial of the QM, I guess)


I have no words to describe the quiz, so I wont take the pain…

Will rather leave it to my friend Thomas, who has taken his precious time out to write an extensive review (yes for all you question mongers, he’s got some of those too).

This can be obtained at this link.


Winning the Quiz were QED, Chennai (I guess the same team which won the Chennai Round… Have to appreciate you guys- U tolerate not just 2 Derek Quizzes but also win both of them.. Hats Off!!); close behind were the Bangalore team- We are Like this (W)only….


There was a bit of confusion with a question being rightly answered by the Bangalore team yet being passed etc etc… For more details, do read Thomas’ article…


As for me- That was my first Derek General Quiz and Swearing by God, definitely my LAST!!!!


That’s all for now….

Till next time!

Adieu Masculine




Review for Quizkrieg

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  • Rohit  On November 4, 2006 at 10:35 PM

    The format is also not the best one to use…
    And a QM of his Status must not behave the way he did!

  • Thomas  On November 4, 2006 at 11:57 AM

    But I still feel DOB was much better than anybody had expected, i mean, in comparison to his business quizzes. Some of his comments were in bad taste…agreed.
    Regarding the quality or level of the questions, remember that this was an open quiz. The aim is to entertain and educate people in the audience also…

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