Bizarre 2006

Bizarre- The Business Quiz
IIM-B Vista
15 October 2006
QM: Derek O Brein

The Business Quiz at IIM-B Vista saw the best quizzers from South India pool into the premier institute on the 15th of October 2006.

The management gave the participants a shock fifteen minutes into registration when they announced that there would be a reservation of 3 college teams in the final 6.

This was undoubtedly too short a notice.


The finals saw six good teams on stage, which reduced to one corporate team and one college team after two stages of elimination.

IIM-B represented the colleges while Mitesh Agarwal, Prasad Shetty and Ajay Kasargod made up the corporate team, with the corporate team coming triumphant after a buzzer round of 8 questions.


I Prize- Rs 30,000

II Prize- Rs 15,000

For a version of the quiz from Anish’s point of view visit this link

Prelims Questions:

1) Fill in the blank. In place of traditional paper money, the new edition of the British version of ___________ requires you to use a Visa Debit Card

Ans: Monopoly


2) Which book by Tom Peters features atleast one exclamation mark on every page?

Ans: Re-Imagine!


3) Which US President’s wife was the first woman to appear on a US currency note?

Ans: George Washington


4) After the Independence of India, which car was chosen as the Prime Minister’s official car?

Ans: Ambassador

6) Complete this Peter Drucker quotation using a seven letter word: ‘The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the __________’Ans: Manager

7) Which radio broadcast company has two satellites named Asiastar and Afristar?

Ans: Worldspace


8) Which is the most widely grown spice in India, accounting for 34% of total production: Pepper, Clove, Chilli or Turmeric?

Ans: Turmeric


9) Recently, which organization wrote to dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, asking them to change the definition of the word ‘circus’?



10) Which Indian company introduced the eight-hour workday, even before the system was made mandatory in most Western Countries?

Ans: Tata Steel


11) Which country produces and markets nearly 1200 different varieties of sausages?

Ans: Germany


12) In 1983, which was the first product to be made available in a sachet in India: Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste or Hair Dye?

Ans: Shampoo


13) The US State Department employs the most Rhodes Scholars. Which consulting giant comes in at number two?

Ans: McKinsey & Co


14) Md Yunus shared the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize with?

Ans: Grameen Bank


15) Yahoo recently launched YSM in India. Expand YSM

Ans: Yahoo Search Marketing


16) Which Asian leader used the slogan ‘Surpass Britain and catch up with America’?

Ans: Mao Zedong


17) The Hub is the social- networking website of which retail giant?

Ans: Wal-Mart


18) Which large European furniture retailing company is run by the world’s richest charity?



19) If IC is the airline code for Indian and 9W is Jet Airways, then which International airline is EK?

Ans: Emirates


20) Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children holds the copyright for which fictional ‘little boy’?

Ans: Peter Pan


21) In the European Union, which British company was granted the exclusive right to use green on signs for petrol stations?

Ans: BP


22) Which economist, who has produced pioneering studies of gender inequality, always takes care to write ‘her’ than ‘him’ when referring to an abstract person?

Ans: Amartya Sen


23) Which English newspaper in Mumbai is published by the promoters of Zee Telefilms?

Ans: Daily News and analysis


24) In 1886, Dr Elion developed the Heineken A Yeast. Which famous scientist was Dr Elion’s teacher?

Ans: Louis Pasteur


25) Which media conglomerate owns Paramount Pictures?

Ans: Viacom


26) Which company has banned the term ‘cell phone’ and instead uses the term ‘personal network device’?

Ans: Motorola


27) The headquarters of most Fortune 500 companies are located in which city?

Ans: New York


28) ‘Tomorrow is Mine’ is a campaign line for which International brand?

Ans: Reebok


29) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides 17% of the world’s budget for attempted eradication of what?

Ans: Polio


30) Which company accounts for about half of the market capitalization of the Helsinki Stock Exchange?

Ans: Nokia

Till the next quiz

Adieu Masculine



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  • MOHIT  On October 15, 2007 at 2:42 PM

    Please could you send me the prelim adn the final questions of Bizzare 2006 and 2007.

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