TAPMI QOTB 2006- Review

Where Beauty and Intellect Meet;

This is Quiz on the Beach!!

The splashing waves

The sweet smell of the sand…

The lighthouse in the backdrop…

One would imagine this to be the perfect setting for a lot of things, but never a quiz!

Yes, this is the Kaup beach, where TAPMI’s famed Quiz on the Beach happened yet again this year!

Sponsored by Excalibur and Lenovo, prizes at a B-school Quiz hit rooftop when this year’s winners took home Rs 35,000.

After a very punctual start, the prelims consisted of a written round of 25 questions!

This was to screen the top 6 teams who would battle it out at (undoubtedly) India’s most beautiful quiz!

After two continuous years of six corporate teams making it on stage; 2006 shot a surprise when an Engineering duo and XIME (Bangalore) finished the line up at QOTB.

The quiz attracted corporates from Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore etc…

The participating B-Schools included SCMHRD, IMT, IIM-B etc…

The final six on stage were:

1) Covansys/ Morgan Stanley

  • Naveen Giles
  • Himmat Jain

2) Savoir Fairre (Goa)

  • Harshavardhan Bhatkaly
  • Rajiv D Silva

3) JWT (Mumbai)

  • Dhananjay Shettigar
  • Gururaj Rao

4) Clueless (Chennai+Bangalore)

  • Prasad Shetty (Kotak)
  • Aravindh Raamaiah (ICICI Lombard)

5) The Manipal Wedding

  • Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)
  • Sujata Ravi (MIT, Manipal)

6) XIME, Bangalore

  • Thomas Cherian
  • Prashanth Gopinath

The finals consisted of six rounds

1) Domain Expertise – Team chooses a round

2) Walk the Beach- Visula based question (IMHO, The best round of the quiz)

3) Crack ‘n’ Clues – 60 Seconds, 3 clues

4) Thinking Hata- Connect Round

5) Crack thy Code- 4 mini questions with a main crack using a formula per team

The quiz was led from the start by the Mumbai duo till the very last round (with some fabulous mind-blowing answers), but they unfortunately messed up in the last round thus letting Savoir Fairre win the quiz by a slim margin of five points.

I must note that Savoir Fairre were a very consistent team giving some very good answers too.

Final Standings

1) Savoir Fairre, Goa

2) JWT, Mumbai

3) Clueless (Chennai+ Bangalore)

Special points to be noted about QOTB 2006

1) Sujata Ravi was the first female participant to make it to the QOTB final

2) Prasad Shetty has come third for the third year in a row

3) The Quiz has ended on a tie break for the last three years

I must add that Giri was at his personal best keeping the audience completely entertained.

The Manipal Wedding hogged quite a bit of Limelight for their unorthodox team name and Giri kept the crowd in a laughter riot with some real good wit!

Some Questions from the finals:

1) Which brand takes its name from the founders Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth?

2) What is an antique aide?

3) What is parimutual betting?

For the complete list of prelims question, do visit: https://rohitnair.wordpress.com/2006/12/05/tapmi-qotb-2006-prelims/

That’s all from me!!

Till next time!




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  • Rohit Nair  On December 11, 2006 at 10:51 PM


    I saw the Freelance part of the name, but i just decided on giving the team a corporate touch!! 😉

    Hope no troubles!!


  • Dhananjay  On December 7, 2006 at 6:43 PM

    Hey Rohit.

    Actually, I dont work at JWT. I and Guru had mentioned Freelancer/JWT on the elims sheet. Pickbrain seems to have missed out on it and ended up christening our team as JWT.

    Anyways, nice report.

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