IBS Uncommon Sense- Review

The Uncommon Sense

Tarkash 2006

Icfai Business School

04 December 2006l

QM: Avinash Mudaliar

An exhilarating quiz, a mix of the best Bangalore quizzing minds, a brilliant quizmaster, a wonderful audience and a never seen before climax- This was ‘The Uncommon Sense’ Business Quiz at Tarkash 2006, hosted by Icfai Business School, Bangalore

Tarkash was the place where both the Undergraduates and the Postgraduates could answer the long unanswered question of who’s better in Bangalore! The Ugs or PGs?

And the question was easily answered. The Undergraduates had the last laugh after bagging the top three prizes.

After a very punctual start (a very rare thing in Bangalore), the prelims kicked off at 6 pm. The 25-question prelim made sure that the weak minds booked their seats in the audience!

The top six teams were a healthy mix of engineering and management students.

The six teams on stage were:

1) Centre for Management Studies

  • Rajath
  • Monica

2) Empty Thoughts

  • Shreyas (SBMJC)
  • Aditya (St Joseph’s College of Commerce)

3) Christ College (MBA)

  • Aashish Benjamin
  • Marlon

4) Engineering the Business World (ETBW)

  • Rohit Nair (UVCE)
  • Varun Balan Nair

5) Christ College (MBA)

  • Minoy
  • Martin

6) Third Fark

  • Sohan Maheshwar (CMRIT)
  • Santosh S (BMSCE)

The final consisted of 5 rounds, which included a buzz stop and a Stage 2.

After the first three rounds, ETBW were leading with a healthy 55 points but a fourth round surge by Third Fark took them to a hundred points with ETBW trailing on 65 and Empty Thoughts on 45

The Stage 2 round was a completely different story though…

6 Questions on a theme, all on a buzzer… A constant negative 5 for the wrong theme and a variation of +20, +15 and +10 at various points of time for the theme connect.

After the first two questions, the scoreboard showed Third Fark, Empty Thoughts and ETBW in the top 3 positions respectively.

But the last three questions were answered brilliantly and successfully by ETBW and the brotherly duo of Varun and yours truly won the quiz by 7 points!!

Undoubtedly, a remarkable end to a wonderful quiz!!!

Avinash was at his usual best, keeping the audience (both) in rapt attention and splits of laughter with his usual charm!!

Final Standings:

1) Engineering the Business World

2) Third Fark

3) Empty Thoughts

For the complete list of prelims questions, visit: https://rohitnair.wordpress.com/2006/12/08/ibs-uncommon-sense-prelims/

That’s all from me,

Till next time,

Adieu Masculine




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  • rohitnair  On December 22, 2006 at 7:58 AM

    Thanks Sumit..

    I agree.. A good quiz is not only dependent on the Participants but more important are the organisers and the quizmaster’s team!!

    Cheers to all who deserve it at IBS-B!!!

  • Sumit  On December 21, 2006 at 7:36 PM

    hi Rohit

    I am Sumit I m final year student of IBS-B and i think u did the fabulous job by posting feedback … it was really gud and real… i just want to add tht the uncommon sense fest was real success due to its host like Ajay Rao who did very gud job from the beginning till end by inviting a very intelligent team and being there in audience we really enjoyed a lot…. gr8t job buddy keep doing gud work…



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