Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-6

1) It started as an invention by janitor Murray Spangler in Canton, Ohio in 1907. A family friend, Susan , agreed to give one of his machines a try, and it thus caught the attention of her husband, who owned a leather-goods company. He bought the patent from Spangler in 1908, according to the company, and kept him on as a partner but slapped his name on the machines. Which company’s early history is this? (Recently in the news)

Ans: Hoover, famous for their vacuum cleaners. The US division of Hoover was recently sold by Whirlpool to Techtronic Holdings for $107 million.

2) The icon is a stylized version of an infinity symbol that has the letters “A” and “L” written in a fluid manner, which implies movement. This stylized infinity symbol speaks to both the endless possibilities for the future and our commitment to being an enduring ally for our customers. Purple symbolizes ambition and is associated with creativity, wisdom, and dignity

Ans: Alcatel Lucent. More details here

3) A local doctor named Louis bought a spring then called Les Bouillensin 1898, he later sold it to Sir St John Harmsworth who renamed it and started bottling it in bottles shaped like the Indian cluns he used for exercise. Which brand?

Ans: Perrier

4) He’s still red, fuzzy and really ticklish, but now his laughing fits have him slapping his knee, falling to the floor, rolling over and pounding his arm. New version of a very famous Fisher Price ‘Brand’. What?

Ans: Elmo

5) The 1991 ceremony was plagued by scandal. The scheduled presenter failed to appear and two impromptu presenters struggled to carry out the show — a task that was made all the more difficult by the lack of a winners list. Following this, a group of investors headed by Chicago publisher Ruth Ratny reorganized the awards program, and eventually sold it to Dutch-owned company VNU, Which awards?

Ans: The Clio Awards

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