Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-7

1) ‘Empowering the poor’ is the tagline of which company? (Dedicated to a friend who has been placed there recently)

Ans: SKS Microfinance. Its founder Vikram Akula is the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 in India. More details here

2) Founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi, the company sold its base station business to Ericsson and its cell phone manufacturing to Kyocera, and now focuses on developing and licensing wireless technologies.   ”OmniTRACS” is one of their famous products. They also develop and distribute Eudora. Which company?

Ans: QUALCOMM, more famous for the invention of the CDMA technology

3) Societe des Lunetiers (SL), an ophthalmic firm, which began in France in the middle of the 19th Century, merged with another company called Silor. What was (is) the name of the company thus formed?

Ans: Essilor. Societe des Lunetiers (SL) gave rise to Essel, which merged with Silor to form Essilor. (Kris Srikanth is the brand ambassador in India)

4) One of the four major brands in its category in the United States, it was originally introduced by Sears in 1985 and is today operated through a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley. Recently, Morgan Stanley announced that it would spin off the above-mentioned brand into a standalone company.

Which brand?

Ans: Discover Card, it is one of the four major Credit cards in the US

5) A teaser: Apple Computers have recently changed their corporate identity by renaming themselves. A normal Branding exercise, so to say. What is the new name?

Ans: Apple Inc– this is to emphasize their thrust in consumer electronics- I-pod, I-phone etc

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