Sun Microsystems IIT-B Business Quiz Review

Sun Microsystems IIT-B Business Quiz


28 Jan 2007

QM: Mitesh Agarwal

The answer to the last prelim question seemed to be the most befitting way to describe the entire quizzing experience at the Sun Microsystems-IIT Bombay Business Quiz- ‘Content is King’

With a line-up that had all the heavyweights of Indian Quizzing, the stage seemed to be set for a grand final

After a 40-question prelim, the QM rightly felt that the quiz should accommodate more than 6 teams and hence allowed Chennai stalwarts Anish and Guna to battle in the final although they just missed out as the seventh team. This was made possible as the entire quiz was on infinite bounds.

The seven teams on stage were:

1) Anish Raju (Cambridge Solutions, Chennai) + Gunaseelan (OnMobile, Bangalore)

2) Rajiv Rai (Deutsche Bank, Mumbai) + Vishwajeet (Sun Microsystems, Mumbai)

3) Alagarswamy and Ameya (ICICI)

4) Arvindh (UTI, Mumbai) + Srini (Citibank, Chennai)

5) Ajay Kasargod (WYSE Tech, Bangalore) + Prasad Shetty ( Kotak, Bangalore)

6) Dhananjay Shettigar (Freelance) + Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

7) Amit Pandeya (Questa, Mumbai) + Rohan Khanna (Accenture, Delhi)

All the finalists (excluding yours truly) were Tata Crucible, Brand Equity or BT-Acumen champions, which undoubtedly made the final line-up and the final a treat to watch

At the end of a long quiz, which included a 36 question exhaustive long connect, Srini and Arvindh won comprehensively leaving the other teams quite a distance behind.

The quiz was definitely a learning experience [how much exists more than brand history ;)], I definitely hope Mitesh does more quizzes, especially in Bangalore.

The set of prelims questions can be obtained here

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