Sharpshooters 2007- Review

Sharpshooters 2007

SIES, Navi Mumbai

27th January 2007

QM: Guru Rao

The busy (26th-28th) Mumbai quizzing Weekend saw SIES conduct Sharpshooters 2007- the sixth edition of one of Mumbai’s most famous quizzes.

Unfortunately, the quiz was delayed by over two hours due to the dignitaries (read Ministers) arriving at their own sweet time.

The prelim was a 30 question affair and had very good content. The visual ads and videos were also very well researched.

The final six were on expected lines with the whole of India flying down to Mumbai for the quiz

The six finalists were

1) Amit Pandeya (Questa, Mumbai) + Rohan Khanna (Accenture, Delhi)

2) Mitesh Agarwal (Sun Microsystems, Bangalore) + Vishwajeet (Sun Microsystems, Mumbai)

3) Anish Raju (Cambridge Solutions, Chennai) + Gunaseelan (OnMobile, Bangalore)

4) Dhananjay Shettigar (Freelance) + Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

5) Ajay Kasargod (WYSE Tech, Bangalore) + Prasad Shetty ( Kotak, Bangalore)

6) Arvindh (UTI, Mumbai) + Srini (Citibank, Chennai)

The quiz was a very long one but a good one for that. Excepting a few arbit questions, the quiz was very well researched and had really good quality…

The quiz was tied by Rohan/Amit and Prasad/Ajay, who decided to share the top two places rather than delay everyone further… The Sun Microsystems team came third….

The only drawback of the quiz being the lack of punctuality. The quiz after its prize distribution etc finished only at 2330hrs. This was a major cause of trouble especially considering the fact that the venue was in Navi Mumbai .

I hope the organizers take note of this and plan the quiz more efficiently

For the complete list of prelims questions, visit:

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