Tata Crucible Chennai Campus 2007- Review

Tata Crucible 2007- Campus Edition
Chennai Round
9th February 2007

QM: Giri Pickbrain

The Tata Crucible quiz kick started the third edition of the campus crucible with much fanfare from the student community. The chennai round saw approximately 150 teams fighting to secure the first national final’s spot.

The prelim was a relative easy affair with around 14 dry questions and 6 visual/audio questions.

After the wild card round, the top 8 on stage were:



3) College of Engineering, Guindy

4) Anna University


6) Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai

7) Great Lakes Institute of Management

8) BIM, Trichy

After three rounds of quizzing, which included a dry round, a crossword round and a formula round, the top 4 teams remained on stage.

The top four were:

1) IIPM- Thiagarajan and Mrinal

2) CEG- Siddharth and Raghavendra

3) TCE- Ramsaravanan and Shankarnarayan

4) GLIM- Ashish and Sachin

This stage consisted of 5 rounds- a visual round, tata round, connect round, the clueless round and the rapid fire round.

The finish was very close with only 5 points separating TCE and CEG.

So the final standings read:

1) College of Enginering, Guindy

2) Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai

That’s all from me…

Till the Bangalore edition..



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