SIBM Transcend Prelim

Domain Expertise Inquisition

SIBM Transcend

23 February 2007

QM: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

1) Arvind mills, one of the foremost producers of denim & jeans- the world is the flagship company of which group?

Ans: Lalbhai Group

2) Which major tyre maker is also famous for its Red & Green travel guides?

Ans: Michelin Tyres

3) Which company gets its name from portions of the words “communication” and broadcast” ?

Ans: ComCast

4) Fredrich Wilhelm August Frobel creating the first of a type ‘education institution’?

Ans: Kindergarten

5) Globosports, a sports management company run by whom,has signed leading pace bowler Zaheer Khan?

Ans: Mahesh Bhupati

6) Pramod Mittal is currently the owner of which premier Bulgarian football club?

Ans: CSKA Sofia

7) The first foreign exchange transaction in euro was between ABN-AMRO and which other bank?

Ans: SBI

8) Which company launched a new range of premium car care products called motomax?

Ans: Pidilite

9) Pilani investments & industries corporation ltd., is the investment arm of which Indian corporate house?

Ans: AV Birla Group

10) Which company has been given the show cause notice for “its tough being a west Indian in India”, ad campaign?

Ans: Nimbus (Neo Sports)

11) Which latin term is used to refer to duties that are levied on commodities/products as a certain percentage of their price, these are different from specific excise duties that are levied on products?

Ans: Ad-valorem

12) Bernard Arnault is the chairman & CEO of which French clothing retailer?

Ans: Christian Dior

13) Who tells you there is “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” ?

Ans: C.K Prahalad

14) Renault has tied with Mahindra & Mahindra in India to release which car?

Ans: Logan

15) What was the profession of the seven dwarfs in Snow White?

Ans: Miners

16) If Apple=iPod, then Microsoft=?

Ans: Zune

17) If you are in the business of importing & exporting Beverlly Hills,Cats head,English Beauty, Lord Nelson etc. what are you doing business in?

Ans: Apples

18) Dialpad communications Inc,Kelkoo SA, and Ludicorp Research & Development Ltd. Are all subsidiaries of which company?

Ans: Yahoo

19) is a property portal launched by which company?

Ans: Times Group

20) Which organization primary ad slogan reads “the future for britain”?

Ans: Labour Party

21) Which company owns picasa?

Ans: Google

22) Sachin Tendulkar has recently sold his personal rights to the newly formed marketing branch of Saatchi & Saatchi.Name it?

Ans: Iconix

23) Identify this Swedish brand that was founded in 1967 by Jones and Robert af Jochninck?

Ans: Oriflame

24) For which event in India between 22 feb & 25 feb would international brands such as Azimuts,Beneteau,Ferretti and Funseeker be seen in action?

Ans: Boats/ Yachts for the race in Mumbai

25) Sir Joseph Lister gave the world which brand?

Ans: Listerine

For details on winners and final questions, click here

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