Tata Crucible Campus Bangalore- Prelim

TATA Crucible Campus 2007

Bangalore Edition

25 February 2007

QM: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

1) Which brand of shirts gets its name from the fact that the first batch after production was over dyed?

Ans: Colorplus

2) Which media group is using the tagline- ‘Just Imagine’ for its new campaign?

Ans: Star

3) To honor whom did United India Insurance name one of its policies as Cinemukta Policy?

Ans: Subash Ghai

4) Transelektra Domestic Products created a brand in 1984, which has 62 % market share. Which brand?

Ans: Good Knight

5) Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner is the CEO of which software application?

Ans: Opera

6) Who is the main sponsor of Zimbabwe cricket team?

Ans: Old Mutual

7) What is the national airline of UAE?

Ans: Etihad Airlines

8) Expand ABB

Ans: Asea Brown and Baveri

9) Zanusi, Eureka and Frigidair are/were brands from which home-appliance company?

Ans: Electrolux

10) Which company would you associate Ingvar Kamprad with?


11) Founded as a drug for athlete’s foot and sore feet, it is now a big brand (especially during summers). Which one?

Ans: Nycil

12) ‘Proudly South African heroes’ is a branding exercise by which organization/company/brand?

Ans: South African Cricket Board

13) The first automobile out of their factory on 14 April 1927 was called OV-4. Which company?

Ans: Volvo

14) ‘Protects whats good’ is the way this company positions itself. Which food business related company?

Ans: Tetrapak

15) With which company would you associate the name Jack Cohen?

Ans: Tesco

For review and final’s questions, click here

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  • joheb  On September 9, 2007 at 6:07 PM

    hi i am thankful 2 u for sending all those questions. saw u at the mcc fest. i was the one who it .thanx 2 .keep sendin

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