TechnologiX 07- Prelims

TechnologiX 07

Host: CSI- SJCE, Mysore

QM: Avinash Mudaliar

March 10, 2007

1. There are 27 of them in India and Karnataka tops with 12 in the list in which Mysore accounts for 7 of them. Tamil Nadu follows with 5. The registration is for a period of 10 years. Renewal is possible for further periods of 10 years each. The Textile industry dominates the list with 13. What are we talking about?

Ans: Geographical Indicators

GI’s in Mysore: Mysore Agarbhatti, Mysore beetle leaf, Mysore Silk, Mysore Sandalwood oil, Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Rosewood Inlay, Mysore Traditional Paintings

2. In the older days, the Arabians believed that the entrance to hell was somewhere in or near which geographical landmark?

Ans: Dead Sea

3. It is taken from an Aramaic form which roughly means “what I speak is destroyed,” and is influenced by the Latin word for “corpse”. It is also said to be inspired by Aramaic for “I will create as I speak,” which is thought to be in reference to God creating the universe. Which are these two words?

Ans: Avada Kedavra, ‘The Killing Curse’ in Harry Potter and Abracadabra, the word commonly used as an incantation by stage magicians. The Latin word for corpse is Cadaver.

4. He has a great admiration for Joseph Stalin, whom he describes as both “strong” and powerful. A journalist by profession, he attended the Astana University, where he studied English, journalism, and plague research. He also claims to have worked as a computer technician, saying that he was the one who would remove dead birds from the computer’s pipes. In his free time he indulges in activities such as jumping on the trampoline and sitting on comfortable chairs. Who is this colourful person?

Ans: Borat

5. Direction Software Solutions is a software services firm based in Mumbai and specializes in developing & implementing Internet strategies for businesses & providing high-end software development services for clients such as Sippy Films, Alex Cannon and Otto Versand. Why has the CEO of this company been in the news recently?

Ans: The CEO is Arun Nayar and has been in the news as he married British actress Elizabeth Hurley.

6. What’s common to these TWO matches?

i. France Vs Italy-9th July 2006

ii. Inter Milan Vs Sampdoria-29th January 2007

Ans: Marco Materazzi headbuted.

7. It is a word used by Washington think-tanks to describe a hypothetical re-shaping of the Middle East.What word?

Ans: Syriana

8. He worked for the Oxford English Dictionary from 1918, and is credited with having worked on a number of W words, including walrus.In 1920, he went to Leeds as Reader in English Language, where he claimed credit for raising the number of students of linguistics from five to twenty. He gave courses in Old English heroic verse, history of English, various Old English and Middle English texts, Old and Middle English philology, introductory Germanic philology, Gothic, Old Icelandic, and Medieval Welsh. When in 1925, aged thirty-three, he applied for the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professorship of Anglo-Saxon, he boasted that his students of Germanic philology in Leeds had even formed a “Viking Club”. Who?

Ans: J.R.R. Tolkien

9. He remains fiction’s second richest character despite ongoing strife with his labour force.They bemoan low-wages, lack of health care coverage and union-busting tactics. Factory operations also dogged by several documented instances of child-labor.But he says they don’t need health insurance,and says child-workers were being punished for being naughty. He is speculated to be tormented by infinite wealth.Who?

Ans: Santa Claus

10. It is a Hebrew word meaning “teaching,” “instruction,” or “law”. It refers primarily to the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Law of Moses or the Pentateuch, Greek for “five containers,” which refers to the scroll cases in which books were being kept. What word

Ans: Torah

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  • meenu  On March 27, 2007 at 8:08 AM

    cool questions man !
    Thanks for sharing .. take care

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