ET in the Classroom 07- Bangalore Prelim

ET in the Classroom Quiz 2007- The Bangalore Edition

07 March 2007

QM: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

The Prelims:

1) What is Virgin’s low cost airline in Australia and the South Pacific called?

Ans: Virgin Blue

2) What ticks on NYSE as DPZ

Ans: Dominos Pizza

3) Which company is the flagship company of Arvind Mills?

Ans: Lalbhai Group

4) Aqupod, Arrowhead, Ice Mountain andPure Life are all what type of products from Nestle?

Ans: Mineral Water

5) Powering a Greener Tomorrow is whose corporate motto?

Ans: Suzlon

6) Gerber is a product from which Swiss pharma company?

Ans: Novartis

7) Who is the official timekeeper for the Olympics?

Ans: Omega

8) Link, Carrera and Monaco are products from which company?

Ans: Tag Heuer

9) Triband is an Internet service from which Indian company?


10) With which Nationalized bank would you associate O.P Bhatt to?

Ans: State Bank of India

11) With which company would you associate DIOS refrigerator?


12) Who is the main sponsor of the Chelsea football team?

Ans: Samsung

13) Which company gets its name from Kwanon- the god of mercy?

Ans: Canon

14) Which movie production house was earlier known as CBC Film Sales Corporation?

Ans: Columbia Pictures

15) ‘Drums’ is a brand of Music instruments from which company?

Ans: Yamaha

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