Business Barons @ Micanvas 2007

For Quizkrieg

Business Barons @ Micanvas 2007
Venue: Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad
Quizmaster: Avinash Mudaliar
Date: 27 October 2007


Winners: Arjun.B & Rohit Nair


1) It is a metaphor for a diversion or distraction from an original objective,which is frequently used in connection with the share market. What is it?

Ans: Red Herring

2) The American Sycamore (Platanus Occidentalis), also known as American plane, is a species of the Platanus trees native to North America. What is the relevence of this tree is famous in the world of business?

Ans: This is the Buttonwood Tree under which the Buttonwood Agreement was signed which started the NYSE.

3) This company was the first ever to issue stocks and bonds which they did shares in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, believed to be the world’s first stock exchange, in 1602. Which company?
Ans: The Dutch East India Company

4) What is being tested at the Reading Football Training ground to impose the system on the English Premier League this season?
Ans: Use of Hawk Eye to come up with an infallible method of determining whether or not a ball has crossed the line

5) Who was the largest tax payer for Jharkhand for the financial year 2006-07?
Ans: M.S.Dhoni

6) According to the company, “it denotes speed, youth, fun and whacky stuff. The brand’s origin lies in the need of today’s youth for world-class digital entertainment content and is formed by the quintessential connected & cool youth”. Which brand?

Ans: Zapak

7) Who holds the world record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history, making US$170 million in its first 24 hours beating Sony Pictures’ Spiderman 3 record of $151 Million?
Ans: Halo 3, the first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360

8) Established in 2002, It is one of India’s largest entertainment software producers and distributors. The company is present across media – films, television, broadband and wireless – as well as genres. It is also listed on BSE and NSE.
Ans: K Sera Sera Productions Limited

9) After World War II, American occupation forces brought in American experts in statistical control methods and who were familiar with the War Department’s Training Within Industry (TWI) training programs to restore a war-torn nation. TWI programs included Job Instruction (standard work) and Job Methods (process improvement). In conjunction with the Shewhart cycle taught by W. Edwards Deming, and other statistics-based methods taught by Joseph M. Juran, these became the basis something in the 1950s. What?

Ans: Kaizen

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