Tata Crucible International Edition

For Quizkrieg


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Quizmaster: Pickbrain

Date: 24 October 2007


Winners: Anirban Dattagupta & Bhavya Khanna Prelims

1) Skoda founded in which country?

Ans: Czech Republic

2) Office, Home & X. Which company, who’s outlets are a place to chill out, advertises like this?

Ans: X = Starbucks

3) Who’s outlets are called Scoop Shops?

Ans: Ben & Jerry’s

4) Body & Soul – Book by whom?

Ans: Anita Roddick 5) Logo of Ericcson 6) Pic of JRD Tata

7) First airline to commercially fly A380?

Ans: Singapore Airlines

8) It celebrated its 500th anniversary recently. Its also called Frankfurter. What?

Ans: Hot Dog

9) What present day product was inspired by the lipstick applicator?

Ans: Glue Stick

10) Invented by Russian Monks as an antiseptic 500 years ago?

Ans: Vodka

11) Place in Singapore translated in Malay means “Abode of Peace”. What?

Ans: Sentosa

12) Pic of Sam Walton’s book (Made in America). Which company?

Ans: Walmart

13) Bloomsbury, Scholastic ….. etc own rights to the publishing of this series of books in different countries. Which?

Ans: Harry Potter

14) Patty Stonesifier is CEO of which NGO?

Ans: Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

15) Pic of 6 thinking hats. Who comes to mind?

Ans: Edward De Bono

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