Bizzy Bhele Bhaath- 10

For Team Quizkrieg

1) “Initially, it was just my dad. He taught me everything. Then I started following Mohammad Rafiji. I’m big fan of Shaan and Sonu Nigam” – Inspiration for a person who’s shot to fame in the last six months and surpassed the final frontier last night (24 Nov 2007). Who?

Ans: Ishmeet Singh, who beat UP’s Harshit Saxena to become the first Star Voice of India

2) Which company founded in 1945 was distinctly distinguished from its competitors mainly due to the formerly patented ‘burping seal’?

Ans: Tupperware, founded by Earl Tupper

3) Joe Foster, one of the founder’s of the company saw this name in a dictionary he won in a race. Unfortunately, the dictionary was a South African Edition which resulted in the present spelling. Which brand?

Ans: Reebok, named after the African antelope Rhebok. The company was originally founded in 1895 as Mercury Sports

4) “A combination of the Greek symbol epsilon, as a sign of the weight of the civilization; an E ; and the parallel lines crossing through standing for the stability” What is being described?

Ans: The Euro symbol, according to the European Commission


5) “This allows us to distinguish situations in which markets work well from those in which they do not. It has helped economists identify efficient trading mechanisms, regulation schemes and voting procedures”- The above said is the basis of the Mechanism Design theory. Why was this recently in the news?

Ans: The Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 2007 was given to game theory pioneer Leo Hurwicz, along with Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson for the above theory.

6) If MSN: Soapbox, DivX: Stage6, Google: ???

Ans: You Tube.. These are all online video sharing sites of their respective companies

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