BusinessLine AdClub Quiz 2007- Prelims

Quiz: Business Line AdClub Quiz (Chennai)

QM: Pickbrain

Date: Dec 2007

Winners: Questa Software & Sun Microsystems (Joint Winners)



1) Modern in the local language. Which company?- Hyundai

2) Logo of ECB (European central bank)

3) Rajya sabha member + auto industry representative- Rahul Bajaj

4) Maliaka Arora Khan is endorsing Moo. What is moo? Ice cream

5) Some ad- Mortein

6) Wat was launched as ES in Suzuki Fiero? Electric Start

7) Who is new brand ambassador for Egyptian tourism? Celina Jaitley

8) Producers of Saawariya? Sony

9) Owner of VIP- Blowplast

10) Some’ Sex on leg’s is the first what?- Podcast/ Audio book etc..

11) Egaro- retail chain by whom? –Khadims

12) Jonathan’s coffee shop- claim to fame- LSE

13) Mascot of Viveks– Chennai based retail store

14) How has bse paid tribute to Phirozejee? BSE towers named after him

15) ‘Freedom in exile’ whose autobiography- Dalai Llama

16) Clippit, the dot, martin etc.. Microsoft help icons

17) Nickname given to mark Waugh after 4 ducks- Audi

18) Ad- Penguin

19) Who’s production house in ‘leapfrog’- Nandita Das

20) K-Values which company?- Kellogg

21) Book cover- World is flat

22) Some Accenture subsidiaries J – avanade, oritel etc

23) Dick Wilson was which character?- Mr Wipple

24) Jingle- Gold Spot

25) Ad- Aaj Tak

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  • Sadiya Salim  On December 28, 2007 at 2:56 PM

    Hi rohit.
    Really glad to cum across ur blog. Its smthng more than superb.
    keep up the gud work

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