Tata Crucible 2009- Indore Questions

Questions thanks to Abhishek from CSC. Thanks a lot..

Satyamitra Seva Sansthan won the quiz.

1.Who was the only minister of disinvestment in India?
— Arun Shourie

2.Fevicol brand belongs to which company?

3.Hit the hut ad campaign by which company?
–Pizza hut

4.A billion heart beats is an e-newspaper started by which famous Indian?
–APJ Abdul Kalam

5.Who was appointed RBI governor in September 2008
— D Subbarao

6.Google Earth Logo

7.Viewty is a mobile from which company?

8.Kaya spas started by which hotel group in Agra

9.In Insurance term expand MAT
–Marine Aviation and Territorial

10.Sydney herald and WWF initiated an event. Aamir khan was brand Ambassdor in India
–Earth Hour

11.Deliciously Mangolicious .Which brand

12.Who owns the trident hotel attacked in 27/11 attack?

13.In management parlance what is MBO
— Managemnet by Objective

14.Which brand sells 31 flavours signifying 31 days of the month
— Baskin Robins

15.Interlock is a new logo of which bank
— Union bank of India

16.Sunsilk print ad.

17. Fevicol video ad

18. Union bank of India video Ad

Bhubaneshwar 2009

Bangalore 2009

Hyderabad 2009

Coimbatore 2009

Cochin 2009

Goa 2009

Jamshedpur 2009

Ranchi 2009

The complete schedule of the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition here

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  • Giriraj Godani  On October 30, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    Hi sir,
    Here I am Giriraj Godani.I am regular watcher of your blog. I am glad to see the blog so as to link the information of quiz. I thank You
    Sir I am here to make you know about the winning organization of Tata Crucible Indore round 2009.
    Kindly change the name of organization from Satyamitra finance To Satyamitra Seva Sansthan .
    Thank you sir

  • Arijit  On September 15, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    Yes, absolutely correct. Arun Jaitley was the 1st disinvestment minister & 2 companies were divested during his time – a jute company & then modern foods.
    So, the question seems to be wrong, until & unless Arun Jaitley headed disinvestment ministry as additional responsibility & w/o taking actual charge ……… which is highly unlikely. Equally unlikely is giri coming up with a q which canbe challenged 😉

    I too want to know when the TC quizzes will be telecasdt on TV. anyone who is aware, pls post the timing. Thanks.

  • nagesh mittal  On September 13, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    i think there were two ministers of disinvestment in nda govt.arun shourie took over from arun jaitley who was the first minister of disinvestment.please check & revert.

    please tell wheather regional rounds tata crucible corporate are being telecast this year.any idea of its schedule.last yesr they were,on cnbc



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