Quiz Bowl '09: Review and Questions

A well balanced prelim, a brilliant final: very well researched content and a very innovative round and to top all this 8 teams comprising  only National finalists!
Mitesh’s quiz gave the 150+ audience a splendid reason to spend a rainy Sunday evening watching , inarguably, one of the best quizzes of recent times.

Quiz Bowl ’09 , organized by Icfai Business School Bangalore drew quiz veterans from Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

The prelim was a nice set of 36 questions which even included a Short Visual COnnect giving the participants a feel of the finals to come.

With a cut off of 22, the 8 star studded teams were as follows:

1) Amit Didolkar (Sun) + Naveen Giles (FICO)
2) Tanmay Prusty(ITC) + Pradeep Ramrathnam (HUL)
3) Shubham Roy (CTS) + Venkatesh (CTS)
4) Gunaseelan(Onmobile) + Prasad Shetty (Kotak)
5) Anish Raju(Nokia) + Aravindh R(Nokia)
6) Jayakanthan(TCS) + Gopal Kidao(MMS)
7) Anustup Dutta (Vertibrand) + Harish Rao(Simple Eqn)
8) Ajay Kasargod (Yahoo) + Tejaswi Udupa (Yahoo)

The final was completely on First Strike Fairplay (which is now popular in the Bangalore UG circuit). The most striking round was the innovative Anagram round, which had 4 sets of 2 questions back to back, answers to which were anagrams. Eg: AVIS-VISA

The quiz also had a dedicated Acer round, which was won by Shubham (An Acer laptop was the prize).

Result: Team 3- Shubham and Venkatesh won  the quiz followed by Yahoo and Team 7..

In short, a fantastic quiz and hoping to see more from Mitesh.

Have a look at the complete prelims below:

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  • Anindya  On November 9, 2009 at 10:52 PM

    Thanks Rohit!

  • Anindya  On November 9, 2009 at 10:32 PM

    Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for the questions. Can you please describe what the First Strike Fairplay format is like?

    • rohitnair  On November 9, 2009 at 10:42 PM

      Hi Anindya,

      First strike system is where all questions are on the buzzer and if buzzed right the question does not pass further and if not answered right on the buzzer, passes like a normal round (C.W and ACW)

      But in a First Strike Fairplay system:

      Even if the question is buzzed on and answered right, it still passes to other teams, which gives makes the rounds a little more unbiased!

      The devil is ofcourse in the detail, so it would get clarified only if u participate in one i guess 🙂

      Hope u do soon as its a wonderful concept ( or so i believe)


  • Abhi Binani  On November 9, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    The quiz indeed had been a treat to attend, i so desperately wish i had been there. Any chances i can get the ppts of the finals rounds as well.. ?? Anywhcways thanks a lot for uploading this.. and kudos to the quiz master

    • rohitnair  On November 9, 2009 at 10:39 PM

      Hi Abhi,

      I am afraid the finals cannot be shared. You must thank Mitesh for sharing the original Prelim Q & A set. Very few QMs agree to such a request.

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