TCS IT Wiz 2009: Bhubaneshwar- Review and Questions

DAV Pokhariput – Aurojyoti Das & Ambarish Sarangi won the quiz followed by Rajendra Vidyalaya – Anurag Ranjak & Arnab Ghosh. It was a high voltage quiz with 4 teams having an open chance to win the quiz till the last question.

Find below the prelim questions:

1) Which product is Aamir Khan associated with?
Tata Sky

2) The producer of TCP/IP is now working with google. Name him?
Vinton Cerf

3)Idenitfy the ceo of xerox (picture question)?
Anne Mulcahy

4) Which company gave the defination of java J2EEE environment?
Sun microsystems

5) Who gave the idea of one laptop per child?
Nicholas Negroponte

6) Name the country which uses .gb?
Great Britain or UK

7) Which was the world’s first GUI browser developed by Marc Anderseen?
Mosaic or Netscape

8) Which company’s name is Lucky Goldstar?L.G

9) Identify the chairman of AMD (Picture question)?
Hector Ruiz

10) The aspire and travelmate series of laptops are from which company?

11) Identify the logo of Skype (Pic Question)?

12) iPhone is associated with which company?

13) Akio Morita can be associated with which company?

14) What is the shortcut for italic letters in MS Word?
Ctrl + I

15) Identify this game? Dave

Questions from other cities and other downloadable preparatory material here (Click)

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