TCS IT Wiz 2009: Coimbatore- Review and Questions

Akash Lodha and Hiren Barai of St Jude’s Public School, Kotagiri, in the Nilgiris district were the winners of the TCS IT Wiz 2009 quiz held at Coimbatore on Nov 10th.Sibhi Kumaran and Gowthem Nachimuthu of SBOA Matric and Higher Secondary School of Coimbatore were the runners-up.

Following are some questions from the prelims. Courtesy: Sibhi from SBOA Matric School. Thanks a lot!

1) Picture of N.Chandrasekaran
2) Creeper detected first on ARPANET .What is it?-VIRUS
3) Infopath,Groove,OneNote are from?MS OFFICE
4) AutoCAD is a product from which company? AUTO DESK
5) Picture of Steve ballmer
6) What are ‘And ,or,not’ called? LOGIC GATES
7) Logo of Skype
8) UNIVAC abbreivation
9) Whom did carol bartz replace at Yahoo? JERRY YANG
10) Which operator launched 3G first in India? MTNL
11) Jack dorsey? TWITTER
12) Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce? INTEL

Sample Questions, Database Questions and Questions from other cities available here

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