FMS Fiesta ’09- Review and Questions

FMS Business Quiz: Review by a Delhi Correspondent

The FMS Fiesta Business Quiz was conducted by Mr.Avinash Mudaliar on 12th of December. The quiz was conducted in open air on the FMS lawns and in spite of the Delhi winter, teams enthusiastically huddled up around the stage for the quiz. The quiz was open and mixed teams were also encouraged. The quiz saw quite a large participation from college students and corporates in Delhi.

With all the usual suspects turning up, the team of Rohan Khanna (Accenture) and Mitesh (Sun Microsystems) emerged as the winners.It was great to see the college teams put up a real good fight cracking some rockets. Both the FMS and the team from DCE cracked some phenomenal questions on the pass. NSIT, Dr.Bhattacharya and team made their presence felt from the audience, just missing out in the prelims.

Avinash Mudaliar was in his  usual affable element with his jokes and wise cracks sparing none.The three hour quizzing marathon aptly ended with a stage two paying homage the King of Pop, ‘Micheal Jackson” and with Avinash Mudaliar’s final words on stage being – “This is it”! Roerich from Hansraj (yes, named after the famous painter) was the only one to crack the stage – 2.

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