NTPC Electron Quiz – Finals Review and Wrap Up

Some Corrections: Thanks to Piyush Arora from SPJIMR. Pls find the corrected information here. Errors are regretted
There was no IIT Bombay SJSOM. ISB were the final winners. NMIMS and NITIE didnt not turn up for the finals. Repesenting the western region were two teams from SPJIMR and a team from ITM mumbai which also qualified for final.
Quizzing.in Delhi Correspondent
Name of Quiz: NTPC Electron National Finals
Date: 23rd December 2009
Venue: PMI, Noida
Quiz master: Derek O’Brien
A total of 15 teams selected from the 5 regional rounds conducted in the cities of Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, participated in the National Round. There were 3 semifinal rounds conducted and from these 15 teams, 6 teams were selected for the final round. The teams that made it to the finals were SJMSOM IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kolkata, NSIT Delhi and NMIMS Mumbai.
The general opinion was that the questions in the regional rounds were very workout-able as compared to the semifinals and finals, where the questions were strait-jacketed, so either you knew it or you didn’t. Some of the questions were Tendulkar theory/index, Mount Everest replacing the King’s photo in the Nepalese currency etc figured in the quiz. Some rounds also had differentiated scoring patterns, like +5 for a direct and +10 for a pass. The combination of a differentiated skewed scoring pattern and questions which were ‘know-it’ or ‘know-it-nots’, lead to a scenario where luck was quite a deciding factor.
Otherwise, it was like any other Derek’s quiz, high on stage performance and low on content. In fact,general team sentiments echoed the fact that the prelims questions of the regional rounds were of better standard than the questions in the finals. All in all, like the USP of all Derek quizzes, this too turned out to be an evening of fellowship, camaraderie, good food and good humour with questions thrown in. At the end of the day, the team from ISB,Hyderabad emerged as the winners
With regards to ramping up the regionals, NTPC has done a great job, moving up to the next level with regard to content, presentation, research and quizmastering. This years regional rounds were way above what we all witnessed in the previous years and it also left a few of us wondering as to why the same team did not do the finals. Just a word of advice, a couple of the young breed quiz masters could do better by adding humour into their arsenal and hence enhancing presentation and doing justice to the strong content they have created. At the final round, NTPC again played the perfect host, providing great food and hospitality, and not to forget the prizes :-).

For questions and individual region reviews , click here

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