Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Nagpur Edition

Campus Crucible 2010 – Nagpur : As reported by Vanitha Mohan- Thanks a lot Vanitha..

The city of oranges played host to Tata Crucible and responded overwhelmingly to the first ever Crucible being held here. Teams had to sit on the floor as the hotel banquet was small for the turnout. Not that anyone complained as they were all too eager to see Pickbrain in live action and many scrambling to get a pic with him.

Cut to the action, the quiz itself was fantastic, pulsating and lived up to the theme of 2020 cricket with a last ball six by Neha Katyal winning IMT the title. VNIT came second.

The interesting things in Crucible this year is the new format.

Basic format is same as I have seen at Hyderabad with two wild card rounds and then a final for 6 teams.

There is the introduction of a fantastic new idea to quizzing and I am glad to report it first – a system based on progressive increments (called overthrows) where the value of a direct question is 6, if it passes to the next team the value becomes 7 and so on. The logic is if you can answer a question passed by 5 teams you deserve more than the base value of the answer. Awesome concept and it did tilt scales as passed questions become more value oriented. Cool idea but I think a lot of quizzers will have their views on this as it goes to other cities.

There was also a PowerPlay which can deployed by a team only on direct questions and it gives you the chance to do a super six (double your score) but with a negative if you are wrong.

The trademark connect round and multiclue round (all visual based) were exciting. On the whole loads of fun and huge number of audience prizes to be won. Finally, a great day for quizzing at Nagpur given that we all had the VNIT Quiz Fest as well.

All the best to every Neha and Soumya – win it for Nagpur.


Questions from Indore Round here

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