Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Questions – Bangalore Edition

Quiz: Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Bangalore Edition

Quizmaster: Derek

Winners: Fair Isaac ( Naveen Giles & Yogesh)

Bangalore witnessed the first BEQ of the year. A few changes in format this year thanks to the A & M round. The winner of the A&M (Advertising and Marketing) round qualifies as the 6th finalist for the Bangalore Round (not 7th)

30 questions in all. 25 questions were 1 pointers and the last 5 were 2 pointers thus totalling to a 35 point prelim.

The cut off was 28 and the six finalists on stage were- FICO, HSBC, IBM, ITC, O&M (from the A&M round), Yahoo.

The final was a typical Derek entertainer where the questions were shallow but the fun, excitement and entertainment unlimited. Lots of rounds, lots of questions but the battle went into the very last question where FICO represented by Yogesh and Naveen Giles (BEQ 2006 National Winner representing Goldman Sachs) beat IBM (Lahar- last year’s Bangalore champion and Nikhil Lasrado)

Although, waited for Derek to send the questions (as he promised/ or took a jibe) immediately after the quiz, we realised over 12 hours is too much of a wait. And hence we’ve compiled the prelims questions as is! The entire set thanks to Jayakumar can be downloaded here

Some of the questions were:

1. The world’s largest corporate training centre located in India, belongs to which company?

2. Italian word for blacksmith is also a common Italian surname. What is the surname? 

3. World’s largest solar powered kitchen cooks enough food to feed 15,000 people a day. In which Indian city is it located? 

4. Created by Frank Robinson in 1885. Written in typical cursive spencerian script (dominant in US at that time). What am I referring to? 

5. This Verdi opera is also a popular acronym used in marketing & advertising? (4 letter word) 

6. Which is America’s favorite Pizza Topping?

Download the entire Bangalore Brand Equity Quiz 2010 Prelims here

Finals questions to be uploaded soon. Keep checking..

Reviews and Questions from the other cities here

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  • Akbar  On May 10, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Any qns from the A&M round? Whats the format?

  • rohit k  On May 7, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    was 28 the highest or was 28 the cut off? it seem very high.

  • everest  On May 6, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    thanks for the questions well done

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