Tendulkar in new Mastercard TVC

McCann Erickson has conceptualised the latest TVC for MasterCard. The commercial features three Indian cricketers: Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan. The trio are shown at the airport, heading to Kenya for “the great escape” to unwind. The tickets for this cost Rs 2,50,000. They are then shown hiring a car to get to the jungle, which costs them 12,500 Kenyan shillings. Another 15,000 shillings are spent on entry tickets to the reserve. All the three expenses are paid for using MasterCard. The trio then encounter a child at the reserve who identifies them as cricketers. The voiceover then says, “Escaping from one world but connecting to another is priceless. There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard.”

Commenting on the new campaign, Raja Balasubramanian, vice president of marketing, MasterCard Worldwide India, said, “We are very excited about our new Premium campaign – ‘Escape’. As a brand MasterCard has always tried to reflect the needs and aspirations of the Indian consumer. With growing affluence and awareness, increasing numbers of Indians are traveling abroad each year. The campaign reinforces the benefits that MasterCard provides to all cardholders while traveling – convenience, ease and security – anytime anywhere. For this campaign, we have used the star power of cricketers from the Mumbai Indians to bring to life the concept of ‘Escape’ – something that we all desire when traveling. This is a campaign that will definitely resonate with all travelers and affluent cardholders.” 

On the TVC, Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman and regional creative director, McCann Erickson Asia Pacific, said “The idea behind doing this campaign for MasterCard is to promote cross border travel and to tell people how MasterCard can be a very useful brand for you when you travel abroad.” The agency decided to cash in on their tie-up with the Mumbai Indians for the ad, and play on people’s inherent desire to escape the familiar for the creative. “Not only celebrities but all of us feel that ‘I want to go to a place where nobody knows me and I don’t want to interact with any of those everyday survival things. I want to get away from that’. This psyche is not only a celebrity’s psyche, it’s a common man’s psyche. Personally, when I’m travelling and even a few of my friends say that when they go for a holiday, they don’t want to meet the same set of people again because that takes away the joy of it. You don’t want to talk about those things that you talk about everyday,” said Joshi. 

The TVC is shown below

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