Eximius Open Quiz

Eximius Open Quiz

In Association with IQ

Ever wondered what makes Coke unique ? Or how did Chester Carlson get that idea ? If you do then the Open Quiz is the place for you !

EXIMIUS, in collaboration with IQ, the quizzing society of IIMB, will host a one of a kind event that has never been done in India! IQ will host an entrepreneurship and innovation quiz that will test the brilliant and inquisitive minds of India’s future: MBA and college students!

Probably the best way to wind up your day after a hectic day of brainstorming, the Open Quiz provides you a perfect setting for you to relax and learn a thing or two. And in the process you stand to win total prize money of Rs. 15,000!

In the preliminary round, each business school and college will select two people to represent the college and compete for the quiz. After this preliminary round, the leading teams will come to EXIMIUS for another two rounds of intense questioning.

Who will prevail? Who will disappoint? Who will make their college proud?

Team Size: Maximum of 2 per team
Prelims: 14th August Saturday at 6.30 pm
Selection: Top 6 teams make it to the final
Final: 15th August Sunday at at 6.30 pm

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