How to Prepare for Tata Crucible??

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Tata Crucible , touted as India’s biggest and toughest Busines Quiz is a bi-annual affair and evokes a huge response from the Quizzing Fraternity because of the cold cash it offers.

Besides the money, Tata Crucible also provides the platform to showcase one’s Quiz Preparation and a victory provides a branding so strong that it has resulted in new-age Quizmasters showing it off in their CVs, winners starting weekly quiz mailers and some collating data to provide free downloads.

But the most important question is HOW TO PREPARE for Tata Crucible?

Considering, we at have followed the Crucible from the day it was launched, we possibly are best suited to comment about this.

Pragmatically, it is not a One Day- One Week or One Month preparation. It takes years to build the expertise in Business Quizzing to crack a multi city event like Tata Crucible, so perseverence, dedication and hard work are the three simple matras to achieve Success!

Cutting the philosophy and coming to the point.

It is imperative to build the basics. Below we chalk out a difficult but sure to succeed Preparation plan.

Stay with the News: Don’t try to win for the sake of winning. Make it a routine to stay in touch with the news- Do not restrict yourself to only core Business. Business includes everything- Food, Movies, Stocks, People etc. Read at least two newspapers a day- Times of India and Economic Times are good sources to know what’s happening around you. Equally important is a weekly or fortnightly magazine- Business Today and The Week fit well into this bill.

Resources : Follow the latest quizzes happening around the country (both online and offline). Quiz Details and reviews from around the world can be obtained from multiple Quiz Review Blogs . We, would also advise to follow Brand Quest and The Strategist Quiz . Another imprtant resource are the numerous Quiz Blogs (can be found in the Featured Links Section on towards the bottom of the homepage)  that have blossomed in the last few years- not because questions are lifted from here because collective data always is more useful than individual research.

Database: Always create a Database of everything you read on a random basis- this helps you to glance through them before the Big Quiz Days. Utilize previous quizzes and questions in old Yahoo Groups . Although these groups are now inundated with Blog links or self promotional mail campaigns , it is a good practice to register with these as you are in sync with the rest of the Quizzing World.

Old Tata Crucible Questions– Like every Quiz host, the Crucible team also has its favourite brands and companies, we advice you to give the Older Tata Crucible Questions a good read and prepare a dataset of these questions and always have your preparations around these brands first. Mixing of questions from Campus into Corporate and vice-versa is very common practice, so avoiding the other would be a Huge Blunder!

Independent Research: When a basic foundation is set (by using the above mentioned) , one could start researching new companies-their history/ceo/brand trivia , people and interesting funda independently. Again, the stress is on creating a Collective Database for all the reading- Presentations are a good means to maintain the important points of one’s reading for future reference.

Round Specific Preparation: Most Quizzes- especially Tata Crucible has its own flavour and is very crackable when prepared according to the rounds. Rounds like the lateral connect stress on the Music Aspect thus providing the impetus to connect movies and brand endorsers with companies/brands and reverse engineer the process of preparation. Rounds like the 3 Clue rounds would have details about companies/people in the news, evergreen management gurus/terms etc. Round-wise preparation should ideally be done a fortnight before the Big Day as this keeps all relevant topics in the purview of the Quizzer.

-Categerized Research: Research must always be categorized. Break your reading into defined classes of preparation- Business Terms/Economists/ Company History/ Brands/ People/ Connects . This is extremely useful when you participate in Topic-specific quizzes like Auto Quizzes, IT Quizzes etc too.

Participate in Quizzes– The foremost point in any quiz preparation is a practical know-how of the action! As we believe, you can NEVER learn Swimming till you Jump into the pool. Participate in as many online and offline quizzes- it not just builds one’s confidence but also finetunes your thinking to match that of the Research Team.

After all, Quizmasters are also dependent on the above sources.

Our 2 cents for the Quizzing Junta. As we always believe- May the Best Team Win.

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You can access the Archives of previous Tata Crucible Editions here

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  • Soumik  On March 24, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    A definitive guide for the keenly interested quizzing community !!

  • Nitin Sharma  On September 30, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Dear Rohit,

    Very well defined guide for prep. I happen to Regional Winners of 2010 at Tata Crucible but yet, your guide seems to me of immense value in preparing for 2011

    • rohit  On September 30, 2010 at 11:10 PM

      Thank you Nitin. Wish you the best for the next Crucible.

  • Ravi Handa  On September 21, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    To be honest, I didn’t quite like it. Any other random post on your site adds much more value to crucible prep

  • Amol Rajan  On August 20, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Very well written post. Just the thing budding quizzers like me wanted. Thanks a lot..

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