Tata Crucible 2010- Nagpur Edition

Bhilai Steel Plant destroyed all existing competition at Nagpur as they garnered the Top 3 positions at the Nagpur Edition of the Tata Crucible Corporate 2010.

First: C.Chandrashekhar & S.Ramani (Bhilai Steel Plant)
Second: Sanjay shamkuwar & Manoj Prasad
Third: SPS Jaggi & Harpreet singh
S. Ramani, the winner from Nagpur has been extremely kind to share with us the questions from the Nagpur prelims. Thanks a lot Ramani and wish you the very best for the National Finals! Hope you come home with the grand prize!
Find below the questions from the Prelims

“Thoda Simple Socho”. Its logo is a modified version of peacock. It’s a big financial service company ?
National Insurance Corp.
Man’s shoe with closed front and back open, named after which university ?
“Sphere of connectivity design” new logo. Only company that encourages copying ?
Founder of Super Cassette Industry
Gulshan Kumar
What is GDI ?
Gross Domestic Income
“Founder of Puma ?
Ruddi Dassler
Which company owns North star brand of shoes ?
1992 treaty Marakash gave rise to which currency ?
ARAMCO is of which country ?
Saudi Arabia
‘Software for the most advanced microprocessor. Which Indian newspaper ?
Live every moment caller tune. Who is behind this ?
AR Rahman
Which Public sector was first to list in BSE ?
How is Osetmivier better known as ?
Which word has come from French word Little Bag ?
To be all things to all people is the philosophy of which internet giant ?
KV pendarkar in 1952 started which  company in Nagpur ?
HQ of which giant is known as STAR inMumbai ?
Star TV
It is known as Sure,Shield, Reward in UK, SA, and Nigeria. It is known as what (Soap) in India?
Graphic groups, Lucas films 1975. Now it is with Walt Disney ?
Three stars which korean company ?
Logo of AOL
Pic. Of SAGAR dry milk powder –  AMUL
S-Next logo who is behind this  _  Sahara
AD preity Zinta with refrigerator _ Godrej
Laxmi mittal photo

Questions from the previous years

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  • Kirit Parmar  On August 25, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    Congratulations !
    Another Feather on the cap for Bhilai Steel Plant .
    Kirit Parmar
    Belfast -Northern Ireland


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