Tata Crucible 2010 – Bhubaneshwar Edition

Thanks to Manas Nayak for providing the review and questions from the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crucible 2010

Rajeev Roy and Subashish Ray celebrated Teachers Day quite perfectly as the two professors from XIMB won the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crubile 2010 in style leaving behind veterans including Vizag Steel, Axis Bank, Vodafone and IOC.

Wishing the professors the very best for the National Finals.

Pls find the prelims questions from Bhubaneshwar below. We thank Manas again for his contribution


1.who handed over first Maruti 800 car to Harpal Singh?(Indira Gandhi)
2.In mandarin,it is ke-ko-ke-le which means Happy Feelings in your mouth.What am I talking about?(coca cola)
3.What symbol is used in India for a non polluting and environmental friendly product during manufacturing and usage?(Matka or a Pot)
4.In the movie,Dil Se Srk Khan was working with which organisation?(AIR)
5.This term was coined by Ben Hammersely which means “audible revolution” etc…..what am I talking abt?(Podcast)
6.The name of the company comes from a biblical character,it means a container,it is something to do with travel accessaries etc….what is it?(Samsonite)
7.See the USA in your _________.(Chevrolet)
8.which is the only state to have three stock exchanges?(Gujurat)
9.Stamped coin in sanskrit is a currency of a nation.What is this?(Taka)
10.Kavita Choudhury acted in the DD serial UDAAN.She is famous in the advertising world as what?(Lalitaji of surf)
11.Maurice Wilks & Spencer Wilks started something in 1947 etc…….(Landrover)
12.We can associate Elliot Handler,Bentley Bradley with this brand of toy,kids love it the most and demand for it from their parents.What is this?(Hotwheels)
13.A wax model of this commercial symbol was first to be placed in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in 1994.it is the first ever commercial symbol to get a place in tussaud”s….(Singapore Girl of singapore airlines)
14.carta blanca,eristoff vodka,greygoose…which bigger brand name is missing from the group?(Bacardi)
15.Lumix Digital camera,viera plasma belong to whom?(Panasonic)
16.Minister Anand Sharma‘s picture given and asked to identify?
17.PNX is the ticker symbol of trading?This company is there in India now.Name the huge conglomerate?(POSCO)
18.Fiama di wills logo was given and asked to identify.
19.I hate Love Story’s one of the producer is UTV,Which other production house produced it?(Dharma Productions)
20.Amul advertisement was shown with the pic of P.Chidambaram with a bread n butter.As sweet as ______,is the taste of AMUL.The print ad was shown.(Budget)

Questions from the previous years

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  • Abhra  On September 11, 2010 at 7:38 AM

    1.Recently which corporate house has started a campaign for promoting indian junior Tennis players ,their trainning etc -Apollo Tyre.
    2.PIC- Identify the media baron-Ted Turner
    3.Identify the car recently launched in india-Mahindra Xylo
    4.pic-DDLJ FILM and identify the production house- Yashraj Films
    5.pic of one executive from HERO motors – Pawan Munjal
    6.More is the retail chain from which business house -A.Birla group
    7.The official time keeper of olympics-Omega
    8.if Invisible hand : Adam smith what is to chandler – visible hand
    9.one question of negative Tv ad character that gave an positive impact in advertising a brand- ONIDA Devil 1982
    10.Absolutely mangolesious -whose slogan -SLICE
    11.which whisky brand has a name that gives a negative impact in indian lifestyle- TEACHERS

    12.hoteliar recently came in to controversy-chatwal
    13.founder of sandwich brand Subway
    14.How is Brad’s drink better known as -pepsi

    All together 62 teams took part in Guwahati round of TATA CRUCIBLE CORPORATE quiz on 09.09.2010.

    champion- Green chill ,a NGO from N.DELHI
    Runners up-Bharti Airtel

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