Tata Crucible 2010 – Kolkata Edition

Debasish Mukherjee shares the prelims questions from the 2010 Tata Crucible Kolkata Edition.  We are also glad to let quizzers know that Debasish represented Metaljunction and won the Tata Track with his partner Subasis Dey. Wishing the two of you the best for the National Finals..

In the Non-Tata Track,  Subhrangshu Banerjee and Rishin Chatterjee representing The Telegraph clinched their first ever win by just inching past Cognizant represented by Abheek Maitra and Javed Mullick.

Kolkata as usual was a completely riveting affair. Hope these teams do extremely well at the National Final. All the best.

For now the questions from the prelims:

1.Which family of Jewish Ethnicity said this about themselves “We never buy low, never sell high, we always end up selling soon enough to make enough profit”? Rothschild Family

2.Which organization was started on 7/10/1950 with a corpus of Rs 5/-.Sister Mary Nirmala was selected as the head of the organization on March 13 ,1997 & Sister Mary Prema was elected to succeed Sister Nirmala in March 2009? Missionaries fo Charity
3.This beer is nicknamed the silver bullet. It has a cold certified label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue whenever the beers temperature is lowered to 4 degree Celsius. Name the beer? Coors Light
4.Which financial instruments name has come from the latin word for “free of care”? Security
5.For whom did Georgio Armani design clothes for in the film American Gigolo? Richard Gere
6.Which personal belonging of his did Amartya Sen donate to the nobel museum? Bicycle
7. Which fictional character has a Rolls Royce with the number plate AU-1. Auric Goldfinger
8.Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher & patented it on 31/12/1885.She later founded a company which is now a part of a mojor corporation dealing in home appliances. Name the company? Kitchen Aid & Whirlpool
9.Christy Turlington is a brand ambassador for Nuala a clothing line.To which sportswear major does Nuala belong? PUMA
10.Which carton character first appeared in King Features Syndicate comic strip Thimble Theatre on 17/1/1929? Popeye
11.Which Banking group came into being when Adrian, Eduord & Henri set up the Banque de Paris in 1869? BNP Paribas
12.Which publication regularly brings out a list of the top 2000 companies in the world? Forbes
13.Which statistician contributed prominently to India’s 5 year plans & also founded a famous statistical institute? P.C. Mahalanobis
14.Who were the official time keepers for the FIFA world Cup 2010? Hublot
15.Which International NGO founded by Peter Eigen is formed for the purpose of fighting corruption & raising the public awareness of it? Transparency International
16.Which public figure did his MBA from Stanford University in 2001 & worked in both Morgan Stanley & Merill Lynch before returning to India to work as the head of Morgan Stanley’s Mumbai office? He was the youngest intern in the UN Economic cell. Jyotiraditya Scindia
17.Question on crabtree
18.For what purpose has Telekom Austria decided to utilize 13500 phone booths? To charge Electric Vehicles
19.Anand Kumar developed a liking for mathematics. He was granted admission to Cambridge university but could not attend for financial reasons. What programme has been started by him in Patna in 2002? Super 30
20.Where is Ferrari World a Ferrari themed amusement park opening?
21.Pic: Cyrus Poonawala
22.Pic: Anurag Dikshit
23.Logo: RBS
24.Production house: Yashraj
25.Ad: Mastercard

Questions from the previous years

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