Mahindra Auto Quotient – Chandigarh Edition

Gursheel from Chandigarh has been kind to review and provide us some questions from the Mahindra Auto Quotient 2010- Chandigarh Edition. Thanks a lot Gursheel..


The level of the quiz was decent but unfortunately the contestants were not playing fairly. There was too much ‘googling’. Also there were not many serious participants. Most of them were from the host institution including three finalists( there were four in all) and the eventual winners. The winners precisely answered just five questions to qualify for the zonal finals… But it was a good quizzing experience

Some questions:

1) Which foreign car company set up its first dealership in Kochi?.. Audi
2)’Genesis of a Genius’ is a book on which famous automobile designer?.. Ferdinand Porche
3) Which company had the tagline ‘Shift the way you move?……..??
4)What is the full form of HCCI?..???
5) There was a visual. It was a car rated as the most exclusive car in the world by Forbes Magazine.
6)Troller is an SUV maker of which country?.. Brazil
7)There was a quote by Henry Ford regarding the Ford Model T..a word was missing. it was related to the color of the cars..the answer was black.
8)What is the nick name given to the car Nissan GTR?.. Godzilla
9) Toyota is partnering which Indian company to produce cars in India?.. Kirloskar
10) There were certain questions related to the Mahindra vehicles…specifically about the the new range of two wheelers launched by them.
11)..a visual was that of a car company now defunct..ans was studbaker or something like it.
12)..A question where the inventor of the cruise control system was given and the teams had to identify his invention.
If you’ve attended any Mahindra AQ Quizzes and want to share the questions, leave a comment, use the Contact Us Section at the bottom of the page or just mail us at
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