75 years of Tata's Jaguar

Story Courtesy: MSN Autos

Tata Motors and JLR together with an evaluation of $8.45 billion, has topped India’s valuable corporate brands, toppling Reliance India Limited. The brand valuation of Tata Motors-JLR grew 172% over its 2009 value of $3.1 billion when it was at No. 5 in the pecking order.

Quintessentially British, and now Indian, Jaguar is a company we can be proud of, whether it be for racing success or simply building some of the world’s most beautiful cars.

Of course, Jaguar has weathered a few storms in its illustrious history, but today, in the hands of Indian giant Tata, it’s in perfect health with a fabulous line-up of cars.

History of jaguar:

1) It’s 1922 and on the day of his 21st birthday a young man named William Lyons sets up a business making motorcycle sidecars with a friend. They call the business Swallow Sidecars (SS)

2) By the 30s Lyons has taken the plunge and has graduated from coachbuilding to constructing his own cars under the SS name. And then in 1935, a momentous moment: the SS range of cars is renamed Jaguar.

3) SS Cars, Coventry-based precursor of the company we now know as Jaguar, produces just 23 examples of the elegant SS90 in 1935

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