Rio 2016 Launches New Olympic Logo

At Copacabana beach in Rio de Janiero Friday, an estimated 2.5 million New Years Eve revellers who were in attendance for the annual fireworks display were also treated to the much-anticipated unveiling of the new Olympic logo designed for the Rio 2016 Games.  After a video presentation, the logo was projected onto a big screen on the sand of the beach.

The logo was chosen from a short-list of eight agencies – in all, 139 design firms participated from Brazil.  They were tasked with designing “a brand capable of translating Brazilian people passion for sport and the enormous power of transformation of the Olympic Games will have in Rio de Janeiro and in the whole country,” according to the bid committee.

The New Rio 2016 Website describes the logo as “…the passionate carioca soul that extends an embrace and shares its friendship, in a collective and warm gesture, which expresses our impassioned way of celebrating.  Passion and transformation of a city and an entire country, fuelled by the renovation of the Olympic spirit, to project Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to the world.  Passion and transformation of our planet and its people, by promoting a more interdependent, conscious and sustainable culture, as an inspiration to the present and a legacy for the future.”

The new brand will  later create a Games’ mascot.

Original Story: Gamesbids

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