K-Circle Business Quiz on April 16

K-Circle Business Quiz on April 16

Hello everyone:

Want to commemorate the inauguration of the first passenger rail in India?
How about jostling epaulets with the likes of Kandukuri Veeresalingam, Wilbur Wright or Kingsley Amis?
Or perhaps partaking in obscure observances like Turibius of Astorga or Bernadette Soubirous?

You could do all that AND make it fun! …Just be in the right place at the right time!

The Right Place:            YMCA, Secunderabad

The Right Time:             April 16, by 2pm

The Right Strength:    Come in twos with INR 100/- as registration fee, we think it evens out very nicely

Singles with INR 100/- can mingle too. We do not consider it odd

The Right Reason:       The K-Circle Business Quiz 2011!

Brought to you by Landmark – India’s largest book and music retail chain

A chance to pit your acumen against the trivia tycoons of the twin cities

There will be no trebuchets or chain mail but don’t be fooled – it is battle, so don’t come on an empty stomach.

Fun trivia will mingle with staid facts, button-down collars will flirt with nude likenesses!

You will be given the chance to walk into the sunset with swag over one shoulder and loot over the other – WILL YOU TAKE IT, WILL YOU BE THERE?

Team K-Circle

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