Kodak: History

Brand: Kodak

What is Kodak: The oldest and established US MNC that produces film products, photography equipments like cameras, digital frames, photographic papers, Printers and more.

NYSE Ticker: EK

Brands:  Easy Share, SLICE, ESP (Printers), PULSE

Kodak History

The company was founded by George Eastman as ‘The Eastman Kodak Company’ in the year 1982, in New Work. The first product released by the company was a camera with roll film, which was also the foundation of motion picture film.

KODAK Trivia

1. The word ‘Kodak’ is a meaningless word, which was formed with an anagram. It is also speculated to be a rhyme of Nodak from the place ‘North Dakota’.

2. It is the first company to integrate its name and look into a symbol. The trademark color Yellow & Red was implemented in 1930s.

3. Brownie, is the most popular & inexpensive camera from their stable, the first Brownie was a cardboard box model out in 1900.

4. It was the first company to introduce motion picture films exclusively designed to record the then new sound.

5. The world’s first dual lens camera and the smallest camera was introduced under the Brand EasyShare.

6. Royal Journey as the first documentary film made using the Eastman color prints.

7. Their first tagline was “You press the button, we do the rest”, “Keep it digital, Keep it Kodak” being the current one.

Famous Ad Campaign:

The recent ‘So Kodak’ campaign roped in big and controversial celebrities as its brand ambassador. Trey Songz, Drake, Pitbull, and Rihanna were seen sharing behind the scenes with their fans with Kodak

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