Brand Equity Questions 2011- Delhi Edition

Brand Equity Questions 2011- Delhi Edition

A packed house awaited Delhi Brand Equity as 38 teams vied for the Top spot at this year’s BEQ Delhi Edition. The top 6 teams that qualified were NTPC, Accenture, IOC, Hard News Media, DTZ and Bates 141. After an interesting regional battle, Rohan Khanna and Sandeepan Chaudhuri from Accenture won the Delhi battle and will represent Delhi at the National finals! You can follow the action of Brand Equity in all other cities hereBut for now, the questions

Brand Equity Questions – Delhi 2011 Prelims

1.       Which Bollywood celebrity, apart from Shah Rukh Khan, rang the NASDAQ bell ? Kajol 2.       In response to Ford’s letter, which gift did Gandhiji gave to Ford : a)       Khadi Shirt b)        Charkha c)       Kashmiri Shawl 3.       Voice for Simpsons has been given by a)        Mohd Yunus b)       Amartya Sen c)       Sorell 4.       Which Indian leader is said to have popularized Sambalpuir sarees ? Indira Gandhi 5.       In India which subject has the most enrolment: a)        Arts b)       Commerce c)       Science 6.       On the death of which inventor were all lights dimmed in the US for a minute on 21.10.1931 as a mark of respect? Edison 7.       Which event raised $250 million for the children with the tagline, `Beauty with a Purpose’ ? Miss World 8.       ICICI created which rating agency ? CRISIL 9.       In which novel of Premchand the protagonist Hori Mahto desired to have a cow like everybody else ? Godaan 10.     Who is the richest Chief Minister in India with a declared wealth of 86 crores ? Mayawati 11.     Which ruler issued coins depicting himself as Sikandar-al-Sami ? a)        Alla-ud-din Khilji b)       Akbar c)       Sher Shah 12.     13 billion dollars is spent by the Americans on which apparel a)       T-Shirts b)       Caps c)        Jeans 13.     Initial name was Sky Peer to Peer; how is it known today ? Skype 14.     Which football league is the richest ? a)        EPL b)       La Liga c)       Bundesliga 15.     GMRC has introduced 2 educational games on the Delhi Metro, one is Ludo, what is the other ? Snake & Ladders 16.     Who is the most expensive female artiste in India a)        Amrita Shergil b)       Anjolie Ela Menon c)       Reema Bansal 17.     24th February is celebrated as the Excise Day in honour of the Central Excise and _____ Act, 1944 Ans: Salt 18.     John Bissel’s baby celebrates 50 years in Delhi – 8 letter word ? Ans: Fabindia 19.     British beer named after a reptile? Ans: Cobra 20.     Name the Philipino Award instituted out of a grant from the Rockerfeller Foundation? Magsaysay 21.     Visual – OREO 22.     Visual – Max Factor 23.     Print Ad – Tanishq 24.     Audio – Song from Chillar Party 25.     Audio – Sushma Swaraj’s speech 26.     A word in Japanese meaning “great prince” is applied to business magnets? Tycoon 27.     Izzat ka _________ Falooda 28.     Name the king from Solar dynasty who sold himself, his wife and son to redeem his pledge? Harishchandra 29.     In 2009 a street between College Street and Dartmouth Avenue was named after ? Peter Drucker 30.     The most amounts are spent in the US for fighting which disease ? a)       HIV b)        Heart Disease c)       TB   If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these Brand Equity questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required. For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ Brand Equity questions, follow the links below A thorough read through previous editions’ Brand Equity Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals. And if you are not looking just for Brand Equity Questions but a good guide to Prepare for Business Quizzes and other business quizzes, you must read the 20,000+ downloads famous – A Definitive guide to prepare for a Business Quiz And while you’re at preparation, previous Tata Crucible Questions would also help

Brand Equity Questions from the previous years.

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