QuizItalia 2011

QuizItalia 2011


QuizItalia is open to students of class VIII through XII

Ahmedabad – 23rd August

Chennai – 23rd August

Bengaluru – 24th August

Mumbai – 24th August

Bhubaneshwar – 26th August

Pune – 26th August

Kolkata – 29th August

Chandigarh – 10th October at St. John’s School

Delhi – 12th October at St. Columba’s School

Jaipur – 13th October at Pink City Press Club Auditorium

To get more information on QuizItalia and other Quizzes , You can register here

Some Questions from QUIZITALIA 2010

1) Name the fourth sea of Italy ?
2) Which 1950 Roberto Rosellini film shares its name with an Italian volcano ?
3) With which country does Italy shares the longest boundary ?
4) In which city were the 2006 Winter Olympics held ?
5) Of the 190 Gold Medals won by Italy at the Summer Olympics, the most -45- or almost 25% are in which sport ?
6) Which Italian educationist is known for devising a method of teaching little children through self activity ?
7) Frantoio,Leccino Pendolino and Moraiolo are all varieties of what ?
8) Which movement takes its name from the Italian phrase meaning born again ?
9) In 1644 which mathematician and physicist wrote in a letter ” We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air ” ?
10) Which city was the capitalof the Kingdom of Italy from 1865 to 1870 ?
11) After whom is Venice’s International Airport named ?
12) Which Italian city gets its name from the Greek for “new city” ?
13) Which scientist,mathematician was killed by Roman soldiers during the Siege of Syracuse in Sicily ?
14) Which is the largest lake in Italy ?
15) Which work of art measuring 450 X 870 cm has been continually on display in the dining hall of the monastery at the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie,Milan ?
16) Ignio Straffi created which immensly popular animated TV Series comprising the character Stella,Bloom,Flora,Tecna,Musa ?
17) Born Louise Ciccone on 16 August 1958 name this American actress,recording artiste and entrepreneur of Italian origin ?
18) Situated on the banks of the river Adige,this city is known for its Arena – an ancient amphitheatre that is still used for opera performances ?
19) Born in 1451 which Genoese is today considered to be the best dead reckoning navigator in the medieval world ?
20) Which Italian region was once known as Trinacria on account of its shape ?

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  • meet shah  On October 11, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    what will be the main topics on techfest national open quiz at IIM-AHMEDABAD ?????????????
    and what will be the format of quiz ??????????

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