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Greetings from Team MICANVAS
Perhaps the one common thread that united most B-School students is a strong fondness for that delicious set of questions you know the answer for/knew the answer for/just missed the answer for. Quizzing is that one blood (?) ‘sport’ we all claim to play and spend many hours in training for.
We at MICANVAS understand your inherent need for these high pressure/intense thought sessions and also the B-School students’ perennial state of broke-ness, so we take great pleasure in presenting to you this year’s array of quizzes with higher prize money and ‘awesomer’ goodies.
Ingenium– Start brushing up on well… everything because the General Quiz is the big one this year. It is the one that everyone waits eagerly for with its perfect melange of politics, history, mythology, geography, art and yes, everything else under the sun.
First Prize: Rs 50,000
Second Prize:Rs 20,000
Date: 5th November, 2011
Open to Corporate Participation as well… are you up for the challenge?
SPENT Quiz– The Sports and Entertainment Quiz for those uninitiated will be a treat for our EPL, IPL, La Liga, NBA, Serie A, NFL, blah blah blah fans as well as our movie/music/TV buffs… who doesn’t come under one or the other of these?
First Prize: Rs 15,000
Second Prize: Rs 10,000
Date: 5th November, 2011
Open to Corporate Participation
Brandwidth– The Brand and Business Quiz will be a fiercely contested event but open to students only. We suggest you start lapping up every word spewed on every page of WSJ, ET, Business Standard and know every logo out there with histories, mysteries, et al… this one is going to get tricky!
First Prize: Rs 15,000
Second Prize: Rs 10,000
Date: 4th November, 2011
For students only

· Registration for all 3 quizzes will be on the spot

·   Each quiz will have 2 rounds- teams shortlisted at the end of Round 1 will proceed to the 2nd and final round
·   Quiz participants will not be provided with on-campus accommodation or travel reimbursements
·    All participants are allowed to take part in other informal events during MICANVAS 2011
For more details contact:  Omkar Bhat +918980030667, Phalguni Aneja             +919099989297
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